Boss attacks: vamp attack 1

Chapter 9: vamp attack 1

    William saw the blood dripping from the vampire’s fangs and knew immediately what to do. He grabbed a nearby chair and smashed it to pieces against the wall to make a makeshift wooden stake. With the help of a nearby fireplace, William set the broken chair leg on fire before he charged the vampire. The vampire nimbly dodged William’s initial attempt to impale him on the flaming chair leg only for the bloodsucker to catch an elbow to the face. Momentarily dazed the vampire found himself swept off his feet by a blazing chair leg. William smirked as the makeshift flaming stake penetrated the vampire’s chest. Although the fanged undead caught fire William knew he missed the heart and the killing blow. As he pulled the stake out William saw that his foe was getting ready to flee. Moving quickly William staked his opponent over and over again in the hopes that one of the attacks would end this undead beast.

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