Boss attacks: Soggy 6

Chapter 6: Soggy 6

6. Draw or write about an accomplishment your character is proud of.

    No matter what else William accomplished in his life there would always be one achievement that he would be proud of no matter what. It wasn’t the time he fought off two frost giants in the middle of a howling blizzard with a broken spear and a wood-cutting ax. Nor was it the time an ice dragon came rampage across the frigid planes that wasn’t stopped until William trapped it in a tornado before forcing the cyclone inside the beast exploding it from the inside out. While the time William drank his whole clan under the table or hunted down a record-breaking elk was impressive it wasn’t the thing he was most proud of. The one thing William would always be most proud of was his daughter Jaina. She was the bright light in his life and despite everything that had happened to her Jaina turned out to be a happy cheery girl and for that William was truly proud.

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