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PaperDemon Art RPG

PaperDemon Art RPG

To help motivate creators like you to create more, enter this fantastical world that stars your very own original character. In this Art Role Playing Game, you'll create or use an existing original character to travel through portals and battle monsters with friends using your character's elemental magic power.

Dragons of Aquella Art RPG

Dragons of Aquella

Aquella is a primarily aquatic world and home to the feisty and agile sea dragon: the Aqrion! While Aquella plays host to a variety of ocean critters and the fauna native to the island chains that make up the surface, the Aqrion is the most abundant species on the planet. There are many different Aqrion species in this world. Dragons of Aquella is a closed species arpg with a relaxed atmosphere.

Nomcromancy Art RPG


Nomcromancy is an ARPG by the Youtuber Sera's Things. In Nomcromancy you'll make powerful golems made of food called Noms and battle the terrifying creatures called Gluttons.

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  • Tales From Equestria

    Tales from Equestria

    Tales from Equestria is an Art Role Playing Game (ARPG) based off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is set about 500 years after the ending of the show and focuses on an Equestria disrupted by surges in untamed magic. Players are encouraged to develop characters and explore this changed world through art, writing, and other forms of creativity.

  • Isle of Fangs

    Isle of Fangs

    Welcome to Isle of Fangs (IoF). We are a small dragon-based ARPG with many unique species and more to come later on! With easy-to-obtain end-game goals, you won't be on the long art point grind like other larger arpgs. We also have monthly adventures/prompts, seasonal events, and free giveaways. And hopefully, we will soon be launching boss battles! Don't forget collectibles! Come join us on our discord to get your free starter dragon, and get your claws wet in our arpg! Can't wait to see you there!

  • Giatoros


    Giatoro’s is an ARPG species game created by Runt, in the silent making of around 3 years this small community has made it’s way onto paper demon and will finally be playable to larger numbers! Create your first Giatoro to set them onto an unknown path. Create or join a herd, build up its own customs, history, and much more.

    If you’re looking for an interactive species game that promotes inclusion and collaboration among users come on by. Create enemies and allies with neighboring herds or explore the world alone