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NOTE: Some of these games still host their news, documentation, and/or lore on DeviantArt but gameplay and submission posting is hosted here on PaperDemon.

PaperDemon Art RPG

PaperDemon Art RPG

To help motivate creators like you to create more, enter this fantastical world that stars your very own original humanoid character. In this Art Role Playing Game, you'll create or use an existing original character to travel through portals and battle monsters with friends using your character's elemental magic power.

Dracostryx Art RPG


DracoStryx is a closed species Art Role Play Game primarily based on birds, bats, and dinosaurs, living in a world called Wyvera. In this ARPG, we believe in giving our players the freedom and inspiration to create stories and characters to best suit their own unique interests, while providing the fun, immersive gameplay. Join us, and let your imagination soar!

Dragons of Aquella Art RPG

Dragons of Aquella

Aquella is a primarily aquatic world and home to the feisty and agile sea dragon: the Aqrion! While Aquella plays host to a variety of ocean critters and the fauna native to the island chains that make up the surface, the Aqrion is the most abundant species on the planet. There are many different Aqrion species in this world. Dragons of Aquella is a closed species arpg with a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Mime Dogs ARPG

    Sympan is a small, peaceful world inhabited by Mime Dogs: small, furred mammals that develop their own appearance as experiences arrive to them. Each Mime Dog's appearance has a lifetime of stories, experiences, and emotions behind it, making it always exciting to meet a new one.

    Our ARPG centers around the small, relaxed lives of these little creatures, but the world is full of different, fantastic species that can be befriended- and sometimes battled- during each journey.

    Mime Dogs enjoy activities such as gardening and cooking, as well as scavenging and crafting things; some of them join the mighty Mime Guild to explore more of Sympan and go on adventures, as well as help those they find along the way, while others simply wait for the next seasonal festival to arrive.

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  • Orchestria Art RPG banner


    Ride skies and plains, Iyons and Maevies through 0r(5712)'s ever-evolving story, in a world full of history, waiting to bloom to a future greater.

    Enjoy Iyons, firefly-esque wind riding creatures, and Maevies, ''glorified donkeys!'' land mammals with gem'd hearts!

    Enjoy the perks of 0r(5712) stage 1 : your characters will be given the status of Origin once 0r(5712) stage 1 ends; you'll have the liberty of glitch finding and bug squashing 🐛; and the ability to have unique, ''illegal'' designs 😊

    (Origin status comes with some really cool, 100% optional perks that will be revealed at a later date)

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  • Kahuvaa Art RPG banner


    Welcome to the world of Kahuvaa, an ungulate art role playing game (ARPG). We offer a collaborative world building community focused on creating a more immersive and engaging environment which is brimming with possibilities for adventure. Kahuvaa is home to numerous ungulate species (with an emphasis on equine), offering ever-expanding opportunities for players to discover new environments, characters, and game mechanics.

    Image credit: AMillionLights

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  • Eláfkeria ARPG

    Welcome to Kósmos! This world is home to the Eláfkeria species: elegant-looking, winged ungulates that spend their days in a fun variety of activities, from Hunting and Scavenging, to Sabering matches, Dream Divination, and Harmony Tuning. Here, you can obtain your own herd of Eláfkeria, participate in individual activities, and take part in grand events!

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  • Horizons

    You're off on a new adventure! Come join us on a tropical island where creatures of all kinds live together and enjoy the simple life. Enjoy fishing, bug catching, shopping, and more! Be sure to bring your passport!

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