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  • Cover for Journey to Sacrum City

    Journey to Sacrum City

    AP payment for Kassumi-7921 of their two raptors, Tiko and Tuk! Accompanied by my own stryx Jade and her rider Neo. The city of Sacrum is under attack by the dangerous cave monsters nearby, but the group of adventurers reach the city just in time to assist.

  • Cover for ミリアムちゃん's Delight II

    ミリアムちゃん's Delight II

    Another year has passed, Miriam-chan has been going through quite a lot mentally, to the point where no longer she could even roll with the life that was only being a high school student for the last time. However... During the midsummer of that year, because of the recurring dreams she's been having of spending much time with a young Japanese man, whom had feelings for her also. Surely they've been a great comfort at first, but eventually those particular dreams had reignited the heart and soul of the young lady to the degree, where a new adventure most certainly shall happen.

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