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  • Cover for Buns Backstory

    Buns Backstory

    Bun is shy and quiet. She is very smart and loves the science of nature. She loves reading and studying anything animal. She herself is quite the strange thing. She is a cross between a bunny and a cat. Lots never thought she could even exist or be created but she was created in a lab. The lab was illegal at the time in the dimension she was originally born. She is hiding out in another dimension for now until she can legally go back to her own dimension.

    She wanted to go back to her dimension so badly. She was being bullied for her crossbreed creation itself. She wanted to be seen for her not her breed in her dimension she is waiting in. 

    She has quite the personality too despite being shy. She loves to talk if she knows you and that you mean no harm to her. She is very sweet and caring too. She loves caring for others that need her or just to make them feel better on a sad day. She always has a frown on her face at first but it quickly turns to a smile once she feels comfortable, which does not take long. Bun does not have many friends. Until one day she met Happy. Happy was so cool and so nice to her. She was so happy that he was her friend. Bun was so scared when he walked up to her the first time she almost fainted. Pretty quickly though she relaxed and felt at ease with him. 

    Bun's interests were singing and art. She was really good at drawing. Everyone raved over her paintings. They were unique and sometimes scary but really good. She can sing too. She sings in the school choir. She is not the most vibrant of the group but is always observing. She observes to gain inspiration for her artwork. Singing always relaxed her from all her anxieties of living in a strange place, not having a family, and not many people accepting her except Happy was always friendly to her.

    Bun was shocked. Happy asked her out. She was so over the moon with joy. She screamed out, "Yes!" And therefore their relationship started!

    Last updated Jan 19, 2022
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Lord talons flight

    Lord talons flight

    Made for him on toyhouse

    Last updated Jan 19, 2022
    Total Chapters 1

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