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City of Lost Songs

The PaperDemon Art RPG is an online game and community built to help motivate you to create art. Take your own original characters on adventures across the Paperverse and earn game and site rewards as you go! Travel through different portals, meet new creatures, and take down bosses in our battle events.

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Need help? Ask in the Help Forums, Discord server in the #ask-a-mod section or email [email protected]

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  • 📌 Laguna Battle Challenge


    LagunaStarting HP: 100,000Element: Aurora   A familiar portal has reopened into the Paperverse. On the other side, you can see the soft, bubbling blue, and the forms of buildings, surrounded by school...

    Ongoing event
  • 📌 City of Lost Songs Reopens

    In the wake of Portal Posi's defeat, the portals of the Paperverse slowly settle back into their usual rhythms. Mostly. Unusual alignments have been spotted in the portal network, but it is unknown if...

  • 📌 Refer a friend Food basket

    Other challenges

    This special activity will run through June 1, 2024   Greetings PaperDemons. We know many of you love the PaperDemon Art RPG and have shared it with your friends to get them to hop on the Art RPG trai...

    Deadline: Jun 1, 2024, 1:00:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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