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Caspian #pd602

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Caspian Golde

Age: 27, visual; actual age unclear

Species: shapeshifter; Athos, crowned variant, modern sub-branch

Hair color: turquoise; default

Eye color: turquoise, green inner ring

Caspian Golde is a man who's difficult to make sense of. In one moment he can be flirtatious and blunt, the next shy like a child, then pulling back the reins of his anger with the best of his abilities - and end up crying on the floor in fetal position.


It's not like he understands himself, either. His own mind is like an ocean he can't swim in, and everything around him a school bully that dangles a life-buoy in front of him. The shifter is grief-ridden and resentful, but he attempts to hide the fact in every turn with a zestful, brash, and reckless shell. It is an art he has honed for millennia. Sure to light up any room he enters, the Goddess journeys the soils of planets to live fast, go loud, and have fun. He's beautiful, and he knows it - but a shiny casing can't run from the empty chasm inside itself.


The understanding and empathy Caspian lacks for himself, he pours on others. He knows exceptionally well how it is to feel like you're not enough, misunderstood, and cast aside. Such feelings are something he aims to negate the best he can, trying to encourage and understand anyone who he might notice struggling with their self-worth.


What comes to his existence itself, it was a fulfilled impossibility - and for many of his kind, still is. The status as a crowned Athos he gained against his will when he was only six years old, sent his childhood and adolescent years into a maelstrom, where his head was held forcibly underwater. It is one of the countless reasons why Caspian isolated himself into his spaceship - knowingly, and to his own detriment. The Artificial Intelligence Interface of the ship is an invaluable companion, but Steve can only do so much to alleviate her master's pain and longing. Loneliness doesn't go away by secluding yourself from the world, and the eternal knows it.


But he's afraid - afraid of messing up, and getting hurt. Scared to death of breaking beyond repair. He doesn't know how full his own cup is, and can't even imagine what overflowing the vessel would bring - or what irreparable damage shattering it to pieces could cause.



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