Companions & Familiars

This cute little companion comes from the Faedin Portal, World of the Mushroom Forest.


This companion is a roller companion.

When attached to your character, it gives you an extra item drop when you complete a challenge with a random item drop reward.


How to buy

To purchase this item, you'll need Trokens. You can purchase them from our Square store or earn them from random item drops.


How to use


1. After purchasing/obtaining this item, visit your character sheet for the character you want to attach to

2. Click the [Equip item] button

3. Search for the name Fletcher. Confirm equip.


Concept and art by Lauren Lee

item picture


Unlimited quantity available


  • 1 for 100 Trokens


  • Id: 1052
  • Added on Nov 23, 2021
  • ✅ Can be purchased
  • ✅ Can be traded
  • ✅ Player can equip to character
  • ✅ Player can de-equip from character