Posted Jul 9, 2024, 10:21:52 AM UTC

Slowly the two intertwined their arms, like two pythons slithering against each other into a spiral of scales and bone. Their gazes locked into one another, the playfully intense tension between their eyes nigh sliceable with a scalpel.


The dust sluggishly setting around their feet sprung back to life like a lion's roar had spooked it out of its figurative skin. The water droplets exuding from Caspian's slender being gravitated towards the static-infused disturbances of Nathaniel's quarter of a charade. When those two energies met, interlocked, and reacted to each other, they raised hell and struck lightning - very literally so.


polar opposites



#2 The Tournament of Two Worlds

Show your character at the Tournament. Your piece must include your character watching or participating in one of the Tournament events.

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