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they/them | Destiny trash | ARPG addict

Don't mind me, just sitting in this corner by myself, trying to make it look at least a little bit fancy. Come back next Thursday, there still probably isn't anything else by then.
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Latest writing

  • Cover for a rooster's curse - DoA

    a rooster's curse - DoA

    DoA Hallows Eve 2021, Curse of the Shapeshifter. 710 words, aq283

  • Cover for creatures of the chasm

    creatures of the chasm

    Help given with good intentions goes awry, and Ulrin finds himself somewhere darker he could have ever imagined. Trials of Aquella piece for Ulrin, Trellia as the guide dragon. 1210 words, aq271 aq283

  • Cover for a living storm

    a living storm

    A massive school of fish has gathered for spawning season. The beautiful sight in setting sun has young Ulrin intrigued. Will he listen to warnings of his elders? For Dragons of Aquella Monthly Challenge, August 2020.

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