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Nomcromancy is an Art RPG and Original Species Community by Youtuber Sera Proto.

In NC you'll play the role of a Nomcromancer, a mage that bring golems made of food to life. Known as Noms. You'll level them & even evolve them to new forms from the Baby Nomling to the Monstrous Nomsters. Check out Guides to get started & to get your first Nomling. 

For more information on everything check out Guides and for updates check us out on Twitter.

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(Discord isn't necessary to play but you'll have a better experience because it'll be easier to collaborate and trade with others. As well as get near instant help and answers to your questions as well as news when anything new is added!)

DisiTheRat (Admin/Treasurer)
TeapotCoffee418 (Admin/Treasurer)

Spookai (Treasurer)

SeraProto (Owner)

Hall of Nompions

Everyone listed here is a Nompion! A Champion among Noms! Everyone here has contributed greatly to supporting Nomcromancy and keeping this world spinning. If you want to become a Nompion check out the Patreon.

Nomling Nompions

HildyHopps & EvanGhost

Nomgrel Nompions

Spookai, WheelBite, & Jinxy Jolteon

Nomster Nompions

ToastyCinnabear & MaddeningPup

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  • 📌 Season Of Unity (Bond #1)

    Bonds & Seasons

    Bond Season #1Season Of Unity Hello everyone and welcome to the first season in Nomcromancy. Seasons & Bonds are something I started in Mera my other Art RPG but it has some major changes to it so...

    Deadline: May 17, 2024, 6:35:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
  • 📌 48 hours

    Please wait at least 48 hours before messaging a Treasurer about your submissions. If there is an issue with a submission we'll let you know....


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