Tales from Equestria is an Art Role Playing Game (ARPG) based off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is set about 500 years after the ending of the show and focuses on an Equestria disrupted by surges in untamed magic. Players are encouraged to develop characters and explore this changed world through art, writing, and other forms of creativity.

The group is open! New members start here!


Active Events:

  • The June Event: The State of the Crystal Empire is live here!
  • The results of the Equestria Games can be found here!
  • Prepare for the May Event: The Equestria Games here!
  • The April Event Part 2: Miracle Fruit can be found here!
  • The April Event Part 1: The Mysterious Rorrim Lake has launched and can be found here.




Terms of Service & Moderator's Pledge

History of Equestria

Map of the Known World

Species of Equestria

Character Creation

Group Currencies

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Action Chains and Stat Checks

Genetic Profiles


Adventure Guild


Train Station

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Mirror Tree



Tips and FAQ

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Current Character Development Prompt

What is something your character regrets? (Prompt thanks to ToastyCinnabear!)


Upcoming Features

Wild Magic abilities, additional species, transformations, and more!