Tales from Equestria is an Art Role Playing Game (ARPG) based off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is set about 500 years after the ending of the show and focuses on an Equestria disrupted by surges in untamed magic. Players are encouraged to develop characters and explore this changed world through art, writing, and other forms of creativity.

The group is open! New members start here!


All November Event Entires are due by 11:59PM EST, November 30th.

Active Events:

  • Changelings have been rediscovered! Find out more in the December Event Part 1 here
  • Read the November Event Finale here.


Player of the Month

October’s Player of the Month is [user21038]. Toasty is one of the group’s first members and she’s been active and engaged from the day she joined! She’s been able to interact with the lore in new and creative ways and depicts other Player characters with accuracy and heart.  Supportive and friendly, she’s welcoming to Players of all kinds. Her positivity is infectious and the group wouldn’t be the same without her!


Character of the Month

October’s Player of the Month is  Pas "Paz" D'arms #te11. Pas is a young knight that is unafraid to face his problems head-on. While strong and courageous, he’s a bit naive and can get himself into trouble unintentionally. His friendly demeanor has him socializing with ponies of all kinds. In turn, his Player Xaotl depicts him with a genuine range of emotion in a wide variety of styles. His character growth is palpable and many players enjoy watching his stories unfold.


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Current Character Development Prompt

It's starting to get cold outside and sometimes even snow! Depict your character dealing with the cold weather.


Upcoming Features

Wild Magic abilities, additional species, transformations, and more!