Boss attacks: vamp attack 5

Chapter 13: vamp attack 5

    With the vogue vampire trapped behind the barrier of holy symbols, William returned to the ballroom. The party mood had died completely from the attacks from the fanged undead had happened. Determined not to let the party pass away completely, William ran up to the band stage before dropping into a kneel.


    β€œYour Celestialness Mr. Jon Bon Jovi,” William earnestly pleaded, β€œyou have the power to turn this into one wild night. Please, don’t let the party die.” For a moment the high celestial didn’t say anything as he considered William’s pleas before picking up a guitar.


    β€œLadies and gentlemen, let me tell you a little story about Tommy and Gina,” Bon Jovi said with a wink as he started to play the guitar. Almost instantly the mood in the ballroom changed as if the music had a magical effect on everyone’s mood. Partygoers found their partners and dancing resumed into the night despite the vampire attacks.

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