Boss attacks: Soggy 2

Chapter 2: Soggy 2

2. Draw or write about your character trying to stop the boss without fighting it.


    William realized that the Soggy Sentinel wasn’t malicious in causing flood damage but rather actually was trying to help people. The water elemental needed to be corralled instead of attacked or destroyed as it was misguided, not malicious. With his witch knife, William drew a massive magical circle of water-filled runes in the ground in the path of the water elemental. William inhaled deeply drawing raw magical energy into himself before exhaling as he began to whistle notes from the Winter Song. As the Soggy Sentinel stepped into the center of the circle, William whistled one last note as he stabbed his water sword and witch knife into the edge of the rune circle. Almost in a blink, a cage of ice erupted from the circle encircling the confused water elemental. It wouldn’t hold forever but it would hold for now. Just long enough for backup or someone that knew how to handle this thing to arrive. 

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