Boss attacks: soggy 3

Chapter 3: soggy 3

3. While the Soggy Sentinel obliterated most of the wildfires in the area, fire and lightning from some of the combatants has struck the dry brush! Draw or write about your character trying to stop the spread of wildfires during the battle.    


The initial fires that the Soggy Sentinel was created to put out were under control however the fires accidentally started by well-meaning adventurers trying to fight the raging water elemental were now a problem. Fire and lightning spells had ignited new more dangerous brush fires had been ignited as collateral damage from adventures not carefully aiming their fire and lightning spells. Luckily William had a water sword and knew a wide variety of sky spells. With all the strength he could muster William threw his witch knife high into the air as he began to whistle. As the talisman dagger flew high into the air it began to spin creating an air vortex that drew in all the errant fire creating a blazing column of flame. With all the flames contained in one place, William cast the water from his sword into the flame using more whistled notes from the Wintersong. It wasn’t an easy process but after a few tense minutes, the fires were taken care of for good.

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