Boss attacks: Soggy Sentinel 1

Chapter 1: Soggy Sentinel 1

William approached the Soggy Sentinel talisman dagger and water sword hilt drawn. With a whistle, William froze the blade of his water sword into a razor-sharp ice blade. He leaped forward and slashed at the water elemental but his attacks passed through without leaving so much as a scratch. As he saw that his sword slashes did nothing William swore until he caught the reflection of the water elemental in his ice blade he got an idea. A series of runes were cut in the air with his witch knife William whistled notes from the Winter Song causing the air temperature around his hand to drop staggeringly. A final stabbing motion sent all the gathered frigid air straight at the Soggy Sentinel freezing parts of its water being. William smiled as he smashed the now solid parts of the water elemental finally doing some actual damage to this thing. He hoped it would be enough to stop it before it could hurt anyone.

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  • Aug 25, 2023, 2:18:47 AM UTC
    Wow, i couldnt even write that- man ur so good at writing!!