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  • Cover for Champions of the Summer Rose: An Aldean's Adventure

    Champions of the Summer Rose: An Aldean's Adventure

    Antigone Edis; An eccentric young woman with well-to-do grandparents and a bit of a bone to pick with them. Perhaps it's fate that you met here today.

    Last updated Jul 16, 2024
    Total Chapters 11
  • Cover for Journey Through the Portals

    Journey Through the Portals

    Larina the witch discovers all sorts of portals in her travels and visits many new worlds. 

    1. Chapter 1: The Fires of Rebirth (Plaisiss)
    2. Chapter 2: The City of Eir (The Ruined Kingdom)
    3. Chapter 3: The Skies of Avangard
    4. Chapter 4: Saga of the Witch Queen: Enchanting Destinies (World of Aldea)

    (more to follow)

    Last updated Jul 16, 2024
    Total Chapters 4
  • Cover for a broken crown

    a broken crown

    Writings for Caspian.

    Last updated Jul 15, 2024
    Total Chapters 20
  • Cover for The Book of Kavka

    The Book of Kavka

    The Kavka sisters take on the Paperverse. What crimes against Paper-manity will they commit?

    Last updated Jul 14, 2024
    Total Chapters 3
  • Cover for Shieldwolf


    Tirah is free from her years of service and trying to find her family

    Last updated Jul 11, 2024
    Total Chapters 5
  • Cover for Submisions


    I've determined I could probably just store all of my written submisions in one thing rather than having a bunch of them with hundreads of seperated little chapters etc. So I'm just going to write submisions for prompts here instead because it seems easier.

    Last updated Jul 11, 2024
    Total Chapters 21
  • Cover for Ship's Log: Skyseeker

    Ship's Log: Skyseeker

    A series of entries from the ship's log found within Captain Sedana's ship; otherwise known as Skyseeker.

    Last updated Jul 10, 2024
    Total Chapters 4
  • Cover for The Traveling Court of Queen Jaellin

    The Traveling Court of Queen Jaellin

    The Traveling Court of Queen Jaelin

    Larina is summoned to the Traveling Court of Queen Jaellin as they make their way back to the Capital City of Aldis to deal with the new Portal.

    Last updated Jul 9, 2024
    Total Chapters 4
  • Cover for Grimoire of Roses and Fangs

    Grimoire of Roses and Fangs

    An old but well-kept tome. A web of entwined roots binds it shut, a single red rose blooming in the center.

    Last updated Jul 9, 2024
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for What Am I Supposed to Be?

    What Am I Supposed to Be?

    System Error 123, or Systor Ontworee, awoke in the guild suddenly one day. They don't know who they are or what they are supposed to do. With no other choice, they set out into the Paperverse to look for clues

    Last updated Jul 5, 2024
    Total Chapters 11
  • Cover for The Knight of the Blue Thorn

    The Knight of the Blue Thorn

    The adventures of Iphir, a jaded, disabled rhy-stallion, and veteran of a war that cost him everything.

    Last updated Jul 4, 2024
    Total Chapters 2
  • Cover for Nihilistic Rage

    Nihilistic Rage

    ni·hil·ism - the rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless... An extreme skepticism that nothing in the world has a real existence. 

    After an unfortunate end to Silas's life, the man is reborn under strict contract with the demon king himself. Forced into a new life of bounty hunting in his futuristic city he must combat against criminals and civilians alike... in search for a way to free himself from the shackles of a higher power he never believed in. 

    Last updated Jul 1, 2024
    Total Chapters 7
  • Cover for Tales of a Southern Gentleman

    Tales of a Southern Gentleman

    The adventures of Vernon Ross, a diary of sorts. Recolections of a lost journys, stories, and tales of how a man became more than just a man. 

    Last updated Jul 1, 2024
    Total Chapters 11
  • Cover for Baal's Portal Journeys

    Baal's Portal Journeys

    A collection of Baal's journeys through various portals.

    Last updated Jun 30, 2024
    Total Chapters 3
  • Cover for Baal Character Development

    Baal Character Development

    A collection of character development prompt submissions

    Last updated Jun 29, 2024
    Total Chapters 6
  • Cover for First Battle: The Slime

    First Battle: The Slime

    When a wizard's experiments go awry, it takes a witch to fix them. 

    Last updated Jun 28, 2024
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for #63 What is your character's favorite item they like to carry with them?

    #63 What is your character's favorite item they like to carry with them?

    I interview Larina about her various magical charms and one very important one. 

    Last updated Jun 28, 2024
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Weekly Prompt #124: Mr(s). Right

    Weekly Prompt #124: Mr(s). Right

    Larina’s life was a testament to order amidst chaos, her every possession meticulously organized except for one glaring exception—her love life.

    If you were to step into Larina’s world, you’d find her personal library sorted with the precision of a librarian’s dream, her spice cabinet a model of culinary organization, and her collection of magic charms cataloged down to their last enchantment. Yet, when it came to matters of the heart, Larina’s journey had been anything but orderly.

    If you were to ask her who her perfect is, she would laugh and say, “At what point in my life?”

    Her romantic history read like a series of chapters in on of her favorite Scientific Romance novels, each chapter marked by a different character, each a potential Mr. or Mrs. Right in its own time, and each ending is some sort of spectacular disaster. 

    In her youth, Larina fell deeply for Eric, a charismatic and enigmatic figure who embodied danger and allure. He was her first love, her first husband, but also her first lesson in heartbreak. As their relationship deepened, Eric’s darker nature emerged, driving a wedge between them that even Larina’s magic couldn’t heal. She left him and hoped he would never pursue her. 

    Katrina “Kat” followed soon after, a woman just slightly younger than her from a troubled background. Their connection was intense, fueled by shared scars from their pasts. It was a love born in tumult, a stormy affair that ultimately foundered on the rocks of their unresolved traumas.

    Then came Scáthaithe, a Vata’an Lord whose arrival in Larina’s life was as unexpected as it was transformative. Despite their rocky start, their union gifted Larina with their beloved child, Taryn, a testament to the complexities of love that defy neat categorization.

    Now, at this juncture in her life, Larina seeks a partner who understands her, who shares her dreams, and can converse in the language of her heart. Blonde or white hair would be a charming bonus, she muses with a smile. Gender is no barrier; Larina has loved both men and women, often wondering if her ideal partner might combine the best of both worlds.

    Perhaps, she ponders whimsically, her perfect match isn’t singular but plural—a perfect threesome, a harmonious trinity where the energies of three intertwine like threads in a potent spell. Three is a magically potent number after all. She had tasted this once with Asabalom and Maryah, a Rezean couple whose brief but intense connection left an indelible mark on her heart despite their eventual parting. These nature adepts had responsibilities to their lands, and Larina had her responsibilities as well. 

    For Larina, the pursuit of Mr. or Mrs. Right isn’t about finding perfection in one person, but in finding harmony amidst diversity, understanding amidst complexity, and love that transcends the boundaries of convention. In her world, where magic weaves through every facet of existence, love too must be magical, potent, and transformative.

    A fondness for tea and books is not required, but a nice bonus.

    Last updated Jun 26, 2024
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Weekly Prompt No. 123: First Love

    Weekly Prompt No. 123: First Love

    Larina fell in love with someone for the first time when she was 12 summers old. Her best friend was a girl named Aurora. Their mothers had been friends, and Aurora would often come by to visit. Larina would look forward to these visits every single time. Aurora was older, 14 summers, and lived in the nearby village. Close enough to make visits possible but far enough to make them infrequent. 


    Aurora, a tall girl with blond hair and green eyes, was the sun around which Larina’s world revolved.  From the time Larina was eight years old until the summer of her 12th year, Aurora would come to stay at Larina’s home in the country. Here, they spent their days playing, swimming in the creek, and sometimes doing the work needed for Lar’s and Sian’s apothecary. But Larina’s father, Lars, was terrible at making his daughter work, so he often let her and Aurora play or sit in the back of the shop and talk while he did the work the girls were supposed to be doing. Sian, her mother,  would pretend not to notice. But even then, there was sadness in her eyes when she looked at Aurora. It was not till many years later that Larina would discover why.


    During those summer nights, Larina’s upstairs room would be too hot for both girls to sleep in. So, they often took their blankets and candles outside. Larina wanted to tell ghost stories, but Aurora never liked those. So, they looked up at the stars and imagined what they were like. Were they the gods like the elders in the village said, or points of light in the fabric of night? Larina thought they were worlds like this one, with people on them.  Aurora turned the conversation to the future and wondered what her husband would be like, whether she would have children, and what her home would be like. Larina told Aurora she wanted a husband who was just like her. Aurora only said that her stepfather expected her to marry a rich man soon. Larina could not even think of being married. There was still so much of the world she had not seen yet. Aurora told Larina she was just a girl, but she would understand one day. Larina said nothing. She knew there was a lot she didn’t know about the world, but she was sure there was more than what Aurora wanted. If the two them were together, then they both could have everything.

    Larina moved closer and held Aurora’s hand, and both girls fell asleep under the stars.


    As summer drew on, the girls had more adventures, including finding a cave that Lars had to rescue them from. Sian scolded the girls for being reckless, but Lars, in his fashion, sang them a song about two brave princesses who entered a dark cave to slay a dragon.


    When the summer ended, Aurora’s stepfather came to claim her, not her mother. Larina could tell this was unusual, and Sian had asked many times about her friend with no answers.  


    Aurora did not return the next summer. Larina was deep into her studies of witchcraft now, and she had been initiated into the coven that previous Autumn as a full member, so she was constantly reading and practicing her witchcraft that she also didn’t notice.


    It was not till many years after that that Larina realized what she had felt for the other girl was love.

    Last updated Jun 25, 2024
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for #50 Does your character have a base of operations between portals?

    #50 Does your character have a base of operations between portals?

    Here is the story of Larina. The little girl who would become the Queen of Witches.

    Last updated Jun 25, 2024
    Total Chapters 1