Ship's Log: Skyseeker: Ship’s Log #1 - The Mouse Problem

Published Jul 10, 2024, 4:20:36 AM UTC | Last updated Jul 10, 2024, 4:20:36 AM | Total Chapters 4

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A series of entries from the ship's log found within Captain Sedana's ship; otherwise known as Skyseeker.

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Chapter 1: Ship’s Log #1 - The Mouse Problem

Traveling on a ship certainly has its perks. The freedom of the seas, treasures waiting to be discovered, and more. Yet the hardest things about being a pirate are the unspoken truths. One of these such truths being the occasional mouse problem.

“As your sister, I mean it in the kindest way. Mice are animals, and they’ll do as they please on this ship or otherwise.” Azira told the captain, “Even so, as your second-in-command, I must say the crew is having a hard time keeping up. This is your chance to establish yourself as the captain and sole leader of this ship.”

Captain Sedana nodded, and let out a slight sigh. Sometimes, he hated when she was right. Yet now, he knew to heed her wisdom.

“The previous Captain had a cat. Such a mean old thing,” He replied, “but now I wonder if this was the reason it was kept around.” The Captain shivered at the memory of his predecessor and his cat. The former leader of the ship was ruthless, even by Kern’s standards. Both he and Azira had the scars to prove it. Even from the ship’s cat, which had met the same fate as the former captain; lost at sea in a great storm. “Should we start keeping cats around, we’ll need to take good care of them. So it doesn’t turn out like the previous one on board.”

Azira gave him a nod, then a salute. “Of course.” She answered, “We’ll be docking in a day or two. I’ll see what I can do once we head into town.”

Once the days passed, the ship docked itself at a trading port of a nearby island. It was quaint and held a bustling bazaar. As the heart of intersecting trade routes, it was no secret that such an island held many wares from all over the world. The conversation with his sister was only a passing thought in Captain Sedana’s mind, as his focus was more directed upon restocking the ship’s supplies.

As crates were being hoisted up by the crew, he felt a tap on his shoulder, turned, and his eyes widened in surprise by what Azira held in her hands.
“Two of them..!?”

“Yeaaah, I only meant to grab one, but that would leave one all by himself. Plus, the lady said they’re always happier with a friend, so I figured why not?”
She explained, looking as giddy as she did when they were young.

Captain Sedana looked down at the small cats. Kittens, in fact. Their fur was the color of beach sand, with some white mixed in.
One had white fur primarily on their belly, while the other had perfect white socks.

The sight of it took him back to their childhood in Kern, with their father. There, they owned a tuxedo cat with the same, perfect white socks, even one over his tail. Due to five socks, the cat was affectionately named “Vee”, based on the numeral V for five.

He remembered the rare days of perfect sunshine, when Vee would rest in the sun’s rays just outside their home. A distinct memory popped up in mind, when he petted Vee’s fur. The dark color had absorbed the sun’s rays, making him feel warmer than expected. The cat would purr, and rub his face against his hand. Looking back, he was sure that was the first time he felt love for anything besides his father and sister.

Captain Sedana and Azira cherished the cat up until their final days in Kern, before their town was invaded and left in ruin.
It saddened him deeply to know Vee had likely met the same fate as their father. 

“They remind me so much of Vee.” He said, “Let’s keep them.”

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