Hiya! Pleasure to make your acquaintance :)

  • Skit ~ she/her
  • Musician (piano, violin, steelpan, melodica, I think I can play the recorder decently)
  • Writer and artist, too many characters and too many ideas -^-
  • Biochemistry major (ahaa I should be studying... my art brain and science brain coexist in a tug-of-war)
  • German minor (ob du die Sprache kennst, freue ich mich, mit dir auf Deutsch zu sprechen)!

If you ask me about biochemistry, music theory, winged creatures, poisonous plants, space, linguistics, or my characters/stories, we will be stuck here until the next time Pluto crosses into Neptune's orbit.

Fun fact: Nickname!

Because Scatteriskity is a mouthful to say and a handful to type, and because Skit is short for Skittles, which is short for Skittlesdragon49, and if you know the writing site called NaNoWrimo, you may find me there under that username.

Why did I pick such a strange and inconvenient username? Scatterisk+Skit+Y (the "y" was for aesthetic and length. Scatterisk is what I named my imaginary Beyblade. And that's a topic for another place and time~)



Commissions: - (sorry I'm a busy biochem kid)

Trades: Perhaps. Send me a message :)

Collaborations: Ooo. Also perhaps :) Also, you are welcome to draw Paiko or Scap or Telerand anytime.

Requests: -

Roleplay: Open-- I be on-and-off spotty, but just let me know if you'd like our characters to interact!

Gifts for Me: Well, in the event that it is your ardent desire to do so, I would not decline ^-^ (Art and literature, ARPG characters)

Characters for Sale/Trade: - I get too attached to my characters, so that's probably a hard no :< Unless you persuade me that you can give them a wonderful home :>

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