Boss attacks: soggy 5

Published Jul 15, 2022, 11:32:00 PM UTC | Last updated Sep 17, 2022, 3:02:08 PM | Total Chapters 14

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Chapter 5: soggy 5

5. Draw or write about a mistake your character made. Hopefully it’s not as bad as this Soggy Sentinel!


    There was one mistake that William would never be able to forgive himself for no matter how hard he tried or how much time passed. All he had to do was abandon the frontlines and run to his family. If he had Julia might still be alive and Jania may never have been kidnapped. William’s whole journey through the world of portals would’ve never had to happen. He could’ve just taken his wife and daughter and run away somewhere safe. They would live out their lives happy and alive somewhere far far away from the Bloodfangs or The Matriarch’s war. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and it never would be. All because William made the mistake of putting his silly pride and honor ahead of his family where it belonged. This is the one thing that he would never forgive himself for nor will he ever accept forgiveness from anyone for.

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