Boss attacks: soggy 8

Published Jul 15, 2022, 11:32:00 PM UTC | Last updated Sep 17, 2022, 3:02:08 PM | Total Chapters 14

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Chapter 8: soggy 8

8. Can your character swim? Are they a water elemental? Did they grow up near a beach? Draw or write about your character’s relationship to water.


    Even for those that grew up in the far north learning how to swim was a necessity to survive. William’s clan home was on the border of a large river so most long-distance travel and trade was done by longships. If you fell into the river or off a boat without knowing how to swim it was usually a death sentence. Odin Drackonas, William’s father, taught his son to swim the way everyone was taught in the village. William was picked up and tossed into the frigid while being told to swim or drown. The first few times William struggled to make it back to the shore as he struggled to keep his head above water while he kicked and flailed. After the fourth or fifth time, however, William got the hang of it and soon mastered the art of swimming. Needless to say whilst William knows how to swim quite well it isn’t something he does for fun.

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