Boss attacks: Vamp attack 2

Chapter 10: Vamp attack 2


    Killing the vampire wasn’t going to work as a solution to end this party crasher's reign of terror this evening. William chased the fanged undead through the halls as he tried to figure out a plan to restrain or cage his quarry. There was no way there would be enough time to create enough garlic oil to coat the doors and windows even if there was enough garlic in the pantry stores to do so. Suddenly like a spark igniting a fire an idea hit William that could work. Using a stolen table knife William carved the Allfather’s rune on the floor at the intersection of hallways with a drop of blood to activate the rune. With the knowledge that vampires feared holy symbols, William did the same on the walls and floors at corners and stairwells until the vampire was trapped behind an invisible wall of holy power. Vampire secured away from the guests he would harm no one until a team of trained vampire slayers could arrive.

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