Boss attacks: soggy 7


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Chapter 7: soggy 7

7. How does your character feel about summer? Draw or write about their favorite or least favorite part of the season.


Having grown up in the frozen north William never experienced a proper summer as he grew up. Summer for him was just the time when it wouldn’t snow for a few months and the crops grew. After he left his homelands and ventured out to other places through the portals however William was finally able to experience a proper summer. The summer heat didn’t bother him as William’s cloak made him feel comfortable in any weather. While he could swim he didn’t understand the concept of swimming for fun and not because he fell out of a boat or for bathing. Overall William wasn’t impressed with all the things travelers had told him about the summer season with only one exception. William enjoyed ice cream immensely with the best ice cream always found in places with summer seasons and climates. To satisfy his cravings for the frozen treat, William would put up with everything else that came with summer.

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