Boss attacks: soggy 4

Chapter 4: soggy 4

4. Not every character loves fighting– draw or write about something your character would prefer to be doing instead of battling.

    William had lived most of his life for the thrill of the battle, the taste of victory over an opponent, and the pursuit of honor. That was still good and all but all these years of fighting were starting to wear on him both physically and mentally. Most days he would rather spend time with his daughter Jaina. She needed him more than William needed to feel the rush of combat. Jaina was going to have a birthday soon and she needed a gift. Also soon Jaina would begin to feel the tug of magic and without a coven to help train her William needed to handle that all by himself. Honestly, all of this fighting would be for nothing if William couldn’t be there for his daughter when she needed him the most. Unfortunately, fate was a cruel mistress and commanded that William keep fighting if he ever wanted to try to be a proper father.

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