Boss attacks: vamp attack 6

Chapter 14: vamp attack 6

While William had managed to contain the rogue vogue vampire, he did make quite a mess of doing it. Everyone smelled faintly like garlic thanks to being showered in the holy water garlic mixture used to root out the vampire. A rather expensive-looking chair was smashed to create a makeshift wooden spike to fight the vampire, as it was the recommended weapon of choice for vampire hunters. Walls, floors, and doors were carved up with holy symbols of the Allfather to create a trap for the fanged undead creature of the night. Although this wasn’t the first time William had created a mess while trying to save everyone this was the most expensive mess he had made to date. All William could hope for is that their mysterious host for the Summer’s Eve Ball wouldn’t send him the bill for damages or at least would let him pay it off in installments.


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