Style Quest: Varick

Chapter 1: Varick

Character Name: Varick

Character Age: 23

Character Species: Anthro Clydesdale 

Fur color: Mahogany brown with brown and gold accents, yellow mane and tail

Eye color: Hazel


Varick and his parents were forced to flee their homeland and came to Drakethorpe as refugees. Despite their size, the Clydesdales were tailors and dressmakers by trade. Taught by his parents, Varick learned the trade as well. Until recently, he was mostly relegated to repairs and making the same clothes his parents do. He yearned to set out independently and make a name for himself as a renowned tailor. With the Clydesdale’s ability to sew spell fibers into his creations, hopefully, it wouldn’t take long till he was a household name across the portal network and beyond. This was Varick’s one dream ever since he was a small child.

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