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Varick #pd1045

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Character Name: Varick

Character Age: 23

Character Species: Anthro Clydesdale 

Fur color: Mahogany brown with brown and gold accents, yellow mane and tail

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 6’2”

Gender Identity: Cis Male

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Relationship Status: Married


Varick and his parents were forced to flee their homeland and came to Drakethorpe as refugees. Despite their size, the Clydesdales were tailors and dressmakers by trade. Taught by his parents, Varick learned the trade as well. Until recently, he was mostly relegated to repairs and making the same clothes his parents do. He yearned to set out independently and make a name for himself as a renowned tailor. With the Clydesdale’s ability to sew spell fibers into his creations, hopefully, it wouldn’t take long till he was a household name across the portal network and beyond. This was Varick’s one dream ever since he was a small child.


Clothing: He likes to wear almost anything as long as it looks good. Shirts, dresses, suits, skirts, etc., it doesn’t matter; Varick likes to wear it all and show off how good he looks.




Magic: Varick has dubbed his blue and purple flames the Bi Flames of Requinest. When channeling excess magic, the Clydesdale’s mane and tail erupt in purple and blue flames. He is a terrible caster but an unbeatable enchanter. Using thread enchanted with different spells, he can give magical abilities to clothes. The spell threads can be tied to or wrapped around an object to provide it with basic magical abilities, but using them in that manner gives the spells a significantly shorter lifespan.


Martial abilities: Varick is trained in brawling, boxing, knife fighting, luchador wrestling, in the dual sword styles of Niten Ichi-ryū and saber fencing.


Music talent: Varick is trained in classical violin, although he has since diverged from that path. He can play most rock, metal, pop, and country songs. He carries four violins in his messenger bag. Each has different elemental threads hidden in the instruments’ strings and bow to produce other illusionary effects.


Ambidextrous: He is ambidextrous but has a right-hand preference 


Tailor's Eye: Can accurately estimate someone's clothing measurements at a glance. He still prefers to take measurements by hand.


Strength: 6

Agility: 8

Speed: 7

Tactics: 6

Magic: 10 if enchanting or using enchanted objects; otherwise, 2

Skill: 9



Throwing Needles: Hidden in the fur on Varick’s wrists are two needle sheathes that he can sleight of hand to pull needles out of. Each needle has a piece of elementally enchanted spell thread tied through the eye to give it a magical effect. Red is fire, making the needle burn with blue and purple flames. Brown is earth, giving the needle the impactive force of a thrown brick. Blue is water, causing the needle to freeze and cut like razor ice. Green is air, which is the weakest but acts as a seeker missile.


Needle Swords: Two dagger-sized needles with cloth-wrapped handles that can be sheathed either both swords on the right side or with one on each hip. Spell thread can be tied through the eye of the daggers to make it form a long sword blade of pure elemental energy.


Talisman Sewing Kit: The brown leather sewing kit on the Clydesdale’s upper left arm is the focus of his enchanting powers. A spool of each of the four elemental spell threads is always mounted on it, along with a case of spare needles and a set of silver fabric scissors. The shears have a quick release that will split them into two makeshift daggers. They get coated in Varick’s blue and purple flames when used this way.


Armor: Worn under his clothes is a chest plate and greaves. The greaves are enchanted with water-elemental pearls and grant water-walking abilities since Varick can’t swim well. Earth elemental pearls give the chest armor the ability to absorb and ground most hits. Hidden in the Clydesdale’s mane is a small device that, when activated, encases his head in a metal helmet with the visage of a dragon. The fire pearls in the helmet allow Varick to exhale blue and purple flames with each breath, with the magnitude directly correlating to the exhaled force.


Messenger Bag of Holding: The blue and brown messenger bag is enchanted to have an extradimensional space on the inside. Countless bolts of fabric, sewing supplies, four violins, food, rope, and miscellaneous adventuring gear.


Standard Tactics: Varick will try his best to avoid a straight-up fight as he would prefer to outsmart his opponent using illusions hidden in his clothes and attacking at range with his needles. If an opponent gets too close too fast, he has a lightning attack in his needle sheaths, giving him a Taser Touch ability. Depending on the opponent’s size, Varick would next go to his scissor daggers or needle swords, mixing kicks with weapon attacks. If forced into a desperate circumstance, the horse will wrap his hands with whatever spell thread he can quickly grab to enhance his punches.

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