Boss Battle - Queen Queso: air pollution - 335 words

Chapter 10: air pollution - 335 words

1. Draw or write about your character fighting the boss!


Calixte circled the woman like a voracious carnivore its prey. Queen Queso heaved for air that only made her condition worse. She fell to her knees, and her body forced her onto all fours. The naga's sanguine eyes followed her every move, keeping track of each intricate detail. His vaporized venom hovered all around them both, bringing down everything that had the audacity to pass too close.


A leaden cloud of immaculate means for a swift end.


Although his act was interrupted by a sudden change in weather - if one could even call it such. Without a warning, a confined area of pouring rain parked itself around and over the ordeal. It didn't do much - but it altered the temperature enough to affect Calixte's damage output negatively.


This wasn't natural. The naga spun around and scanned his surroundings - and found the culprit. Considering the clear dome around the multicolored glow stick, it must've been his doing.

"What's your problem?!" Calixte hissed at the eternal further away. Caspian let out an annoyed huff, muffled by the hand he held covering his mouth and nose. He revealed the lower half of his face.

"Mine?" He answered the question with another, gesturing at himself.

"How about considering your environment? There are people who like their lungs intact, you know," he preached as he walked to the naga.


Being attentive wasn't one of Caspian's strong suits. Before he had the chance to add to his lecture, the bitter miasma forced him to his knees, just like the queen before him. Calixte watched the eternal coughing and hacking his throat sore, slowly inching lower and lower. The naga rolled his eyes. He grabbed the Athos by an ankle with his striped tail, and dragged the person-shaped disaster out of the cloud of vaporized venom.


Caspian had just enough time in between his airways screaming for mercy to catch a glimpse of Calixte leaving the scene, completely silent.

"Good talk", the eternal wheezed, and rolled onto his back on the ground.

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