Boss Battle - Queen Queso: 2/2; tactical tailorship - 270 words

Chapter 4: 2/2; tactical tailorship - 270 words

1. Draw or write about your character fighting the boss!


Finley popped his head up to take a peek at Queen Queso - and if Caspian's so-called distraction had done anything.


To his surprise, he saw the eternal conversing with the Queen. He couldn't make out what Caspian was saying, but it didn't really matter. Even though the Cheese Queen looked anything but amused, her attention was very much directed elsewhere.


Oh, boy.


Picking up the first thing that seemed sturdy enough to be used as a blunt weapon, Finley started to tiptoe towards his target. He closed the gap quicker than he would've liked - even when sneaking as slowly as he could, he couldn't procrastinate this stupid thing any further. Dang it.


A sudden clang silenced Caspian where he stood. The royal ruler of dairy fell to the ground face first. The eternal glanced at the unconscious Queen, and then Finley. He set his hands onto his hips, disappointment reading clear from his demeanor.

"Oi," he raised his voice sharply, making the red sea slug flinch. "I said after I've got the info."

"Of what? There can't be that much you can get out of-"

"Her dress, obviously," Caspian interrupted the other. "I wanted to know where she got it."


Finley watched with widened eyes as the Athos crouched down.

"Or at least what it's made of..." Caspian mumbled to himself, and felt the translucent fabric of the dress. When he pulled his hand away, something sticky drew strings between his index finger and thumb. The eternal's face scrunched up in disgust.

"Oh, you got to be kidding me."


It was cheese - some extremely processed cheese, but cheese nevertheless.



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  • May 22, 2023, 8:37:55 PM UTC

    Though granted, Caspian would look ROCKING in her dress, just saying..... It's VERY important information and Finn is a FOOL.

    Again, absolutely adore it! You're SO talented at this!