Boss Battle - Queen Queso: tealess - 390 words

Chapter 1: tealess - 390 words

7. Draw or write about what your character’s powers would be if they were food themed.


Something had gone wrong - how, and where, Caspian had no idea. At least someone had left a kettle around, but what would that achieve?


There was nothing he could do if the only medium he could throw around was tea. He didn't even like tea! It was too hot, too tasteless, too overrated.

The eternal's frustration trickled into the liquid he swirled around in the air. This was stupid. It didn't make any sense. Letting out a vexed growl, he hurled the steeped drink somewhere outside his field of vision.


He should've looked where he tossed it. A startled yelp stiffened his whole body from sheer panic. Caspian turned to the sound, his jaw clenched from unpleasant tension.


Only some long steps away, stood a man. He held his arms partially up, his eyes lowered. His short, brown hair glistened from the tea that had been dumped on him, as his eyes ran on his vest - just as soaked as the rest of his upper body. The man lifted his gaze to the eternal, instinctively licking his lips. Definitely not the wisest course of action, considering the stuff could've been anything. His eyes narrowed from the taste, and Caspian covered his mouth with his clawed hands.


Gabriel groaned, and started to dust off his upper body - whatever good it did, wasn't much. Liquids had the tendency to not fly off fabric the same as grit did.

"Tea is supposed to be at least warm," he spit through his teeth, "not freezing cold."

A sudden thud made Gabriel himself freeze. He turned his eyes to the sound, and was greeted with the sight of the multicolored beanpole lying on the ground - face in the soil, and butt towards the sky very much ungracefully. Confusion and curiosity painted over Gabriel's face with its soft brush.

"Is everything alright?" He inquired carefully, only taking a half of a tiny step towards the strange being.


What he got as a response was unclear, muffled, and impossible to make sense of. Caspian's whole face was buried in the soft earth, and he didn't show signs of getting up anytime soon.


The eternal was only relieved that the tea wasn't boiling hot, and didn't send the man down to the ground screaming in agony.


No one counted the embarrassment Caspian's rashness had caused him, yet again.

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