Boss Battle - Queen Queso: 2/2; greased lightning - 332 words

Chapter 6: 2/2; greased lightning - 332 words

4. Draw or write about how your character would handle a fast food job.


Solomon inhaled sharply, attempting to present a worried question, but his lips pinched shut like a bear trap in an instant. The brothers watched as the tall creature sat up on the floor, his expression only vexed. Rafael stood on his toes to see the commotion, his eyes erratically scanning the absurd sight.


Even though the oil kept sizzling away, seemingly burning the eternal's skin, there was little to no damage to be seen on him - even the spots that one could see cooking and burning right before their eyes, mended almost immediately. Solomon blinked once, then twice - Rafael almost automatically repeating the signs of confused awe. The older brother shook his head firmly to get himself together.

"You have frying oil all over you," he described the situation out loud. Caspian turned his eyes slowly to him, his expression even a deeper shade of unamusement than before.

"Yes, Captain Obvious - and?" The Athos spit through his pointy teeth. Frustration radiated from Solomon's whole being as he straightened himself. He was worried that this guy got seriously injured - or worse - and he just spat sarcastic remarks!


The frying oil hastily slathering the floor with its hazardous existence, Solomon's boots finally caught up to its act. Rafael noticed the eternal reaching to the older brother's hand to prevent him from slipping, but couldn't get a single syllable out before it was too late. Caspian grabbed Solomon's wrist as an attempt to help, but his condition was anything but helpful. The boiling hot oil all over him splashed around as he moved, burning the man's hand, wrist and forearm. Solomon pulled himself away in a single, strong yank - and fell to the floor back first.


Rafael glanced at Caspian, then at his brother. He tried his best to keep himself collected - but he couldn't help but burst to laughter at the daftness of the situation. Solomon struggled himself up to a sitting position on the floor, and gave a death stare at his brother.

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