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Calixte #pd805

95 / 100
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Character Name: Calixte

Character Age: 28

Character Species: Naga

Hair color: Blond (#DAB49D)

Eye color: Light Red (#DE3C4B)

Abilities: Silent Hunter, Poison Resistance, Fabulous Hair

Strength: 6/10

Agility: 6/10

Speed: 7/10

Tactics: 5/10

Magic: 2/10

Skill: 5/10

Uncomfortable Subject Matter: None at this time. May be updated.


Born into a nomadic people, Calixte grew up initially with one goal;


He quickly learned to hunt and gather, just like the rest of his friends and family, and tribesmen.  Death was a way of life, and, like so many before him, he quickly picked up on the art. No one among them grew plump from exceess, nor was anyone allowed rest, save the peaceful respit of the night... but they were a humble people, and they were content. 

Then, one day, during a very standard gathering mission, a young Calixte found an overturned merchant's caravan. 

Glimmering jewels lay scattered across the waste, but the naga found himself drawn instead to barrels and boxes of food and water... and something he was unfamiliar with. Unfortunately, that first cup of wine turned into two... then five... then later a somewhat detrimental habit. 

But even drunk, the young fool knew he had to bring back the supplies to his people. 
It took him time and effort to bring one of the crates back, wobbly as he might be, and upon his return to the cart, he was greeted by a band of very upset bandits, who were arguing about who stole a full box of rations, and drank half a cask of wine. Of course, even for all of his training, a drunken naga is not so stealty as a sober one, and the bandits could smell the missing alcohol on his breath. He was captured without issue, and the talks turned to repayment.

Obviously, he had no money, so they could not strip their losses from his pockets. He wasn't worth anything dead - the only thing that would accomplish was making a temporary mood change. They initially settled on selling him, but by this time, the lad got his tongue back, and made his plea.

What a fortunate day that they'd found him in such pleasant spirits! He was willing to go with them; to be their guide and a new hand!

The raiders seemed a mixture of confusion, amusement, and, most importantly, intrigue. 
What else could he give them? They had a guide, and a good one at that. Why would they take on another mouth to feed? 
Why,  he could feed himself... and he was quick and silent when he wasn't inebriated. He blended in well with the radiant rocks and the rolling sands... If not a guide, he was a perfect scout. 

The back-and-forth went on until evening, at which point the apparent leader of the gang agreed to keep him for one week. If he could prove himself by then, he would become one of them. Otherwise, he would be sold to pay back the coin they'd lost on his account. 

As far as the nomads knew, the young man was swallowed by the dunes. 
But for Calixte, new opportunities proved plenty. He learned and grew among his new family, and quickly developed a new objective: Thrive. 

  • 211
    Ability Points
  • 4
  • Mentor Talisman Ability

x1 Attack Buff


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