PDARPG Boss Fight Entries: Laguna 1: Fight! (Prompt 1)

Chapter 1: Laguna 1: Fight! (Prompt 1)

It could happen to anyone, really. One moment you're lounging on your plush chaise in your private quarters, sipping a delicate glass of the finest quality spiced rum, and the next, a bloody portal opens up and sucks you in!


Unfortunately, it happened to Eltanin, and he was NOT pleased about being interrupted during his precious me-time.


Once the swirling visions of portal travel had dissipated, officer training kicked in. He rose to his feet with a quick flap of his wings and took a second to assess his surroundings, one hand on the pistol at his hip. Some sort of beach or coastal area, the sea to his right, foam washing up over the sand with the ebb and flow of the tides. A few seagulls overhead, a rock pool over there... oh, and an angry mermaid floating in the sea swell, pointing her staff at him!


Under normal circumstances, he might’ve attempted de-escalation, said a pick-up line or two, but he was already more than a little miffed by the whole portal kidnapping thing. In one smooth motion, he pulled out his sea service pistol, levelled, and fired. The shot flew true to centre mass, but the mermaid raised her weapon and deflected it like it wasn’t going a thousand feet per second. She swept her tail forward, and a five foot wave rose up behind her, surging forward with typhoon force.


β€œAh, damn,” he grumbled, managing to close his mouth just before the water hit him.


Salt stung his eyes and lips, and then scaled fingers curled around his neck as the mystery mer slammed him down onto the wet sand. He raised his leg to give her a solid kick in the midriff, forgetting that, oops, he’d swapped out his steel-toed boots for room slippers ten minutes ago. She rolled her eyes and pushed down harder, her staff glowing as it magically translated Lost Song Aquatic into Paperverse Common.


β€œWhere is he? Where is my brother?”

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