Tome of Ain: Biweekly - Little Hungry Hood

Published Feb 25, 2024, 4:53:51 PM UTC | Last updated Feb 25, 2024, 4:53:51 PM | Total Chapters 3

Story Summary

CHARACTER: Ain A.K.A. "Yi'athrogdhisz"
GENERAL CONTENT & WARNINGS: Medieval Fantasy, Angst, Adventure, Blood, Violence, Combat, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Stories about Ain, an eldritch entity, one, curious enough to spend his time along mortals. Mostly to cause mischief, so he can have a good laugh and expand his knowledge and experiences.

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Chapter 1: Biweekly - Little Hungry Hood

FEATURED CHARACTER(S): Ain, Crasalur Mistriver
CONTENT WARNING(S):  Comedy, MalexMale, Food "porn", Forest
: Biweekly [#98] Write or draw your character as the protagonist (or antagonist) of a classic fairytale! Is your character Little Red or the Big Bad Wolf? Snow White or the Evil Queen? Up to you! 


Finally! Today was the day where Crasalur was allowed to pick up the tastiest pastry in the whole world. A time he always has been looking forward to throughout the whole year. His grandmother was highly praised among the townsfolk for supplying them with herbs and all sorts of help when they were in need and to compensate for that, the bakery in town used the most valuable ingredients to bake their best pastries as thanks. A lot of love was used in the process as well of course and Crasalur had the honor of  delivering them.

The Elf stood in front of the bakery in anticipation, holdingg a big basket in his hands and wrapped in a thick layer of red cloth, a cape made to withstand the humid air in the forest through which he would have to travel. A broad smile appeared on his face when the bakersman stepped out of the door, holding a small sac. Oh, how he could already smell the pastries through the fabric! β€žHere you are m’boy. Make sure to deliver them safely, ha-ha-ha!β€œ The burly man handed it over and Crasalur quickly nodded in response. β€žYou can count on me! I’m sure my grandmother will love them, she’s always looking forward to her favorite treat.β€œ

β€žOff you go then, don’t make that wonderful woman wait!β€œ

Crasalur didn’t have to be told twice to get moving so he took his legs in his hands and bolted off towards the shady looking forest. There have been stories about a monster roaming through the underbrush recently but the last years have been fine and the Elf knew which path to follow as he did this delivery every year. This wouldn’t take long.

After he put enough distance in between himself and the town, he sat down on a treestump and placed his basked on his lap, already eyeing it while his mouth started watering. β€žI can’t wait to enjoy you delicious things..!β€œ As if he was unwrapping a present, he opened the knot of the sac and revealed the most beautiful things in existence. The smell, the colorful looks, the fluffiness of the batter. They were too good to be true. Taking a big whiff, Crasalur sighed and smiled blissfully.

β€žBefore my grandmother is allowed to enjoy you, I’ll be first… I take this as payment, you know? It’s only fair!β€œ With sparlkes in his eyes the Elf lead the first of the pastries towards his mouth and took a hearty bite, holding back a moan. So good I could die..! Of course he savoured every bite but it was hard to stop eating. Last year it already happened that he accidentally finished all of them by himself and had to replace the contents of the sac with mushrooms and plants, making up a lame excuse and of course his grandmother didn’t take it all that well.

Today, he would do better! He managed to spare two of them which he was about to wrap back into the sac when his ears picked up some rustling closeby. Still chewing on the wonderful bliss and licking his fingers, Crasalur turned his head around when all of a sudden a shudder went down his spine. A warm breath hit his neck.

He slowly looked up and shrieked when his eyes hit sockets of nothingness, filled with a red, glowing light, almost like flames. There was a jackal skull floating in some sort of black mass of goo, menacing and intimidating. β€žEEEEEK!β€œ The Elf probably never has been running this fast while laughter was echoeing behind him, heavy footsteps following the panicking male. Dramatically tripping over a tree root, he fell flat down onto his face and his basket rolled over the floor, revealing the things which he was supposed to protect with his life.

As scared as he was, he didn’t care though and struggled back onto his feet, whining and pulling a face. β€žNo no no no I’m not tasty I swear!β€œ Now looking back over his shoulder, the menace was gone and instead he saw the image of a pretty toned man with jackal features. Crasalur could feel heat gathering on his face when he mustered him from head to toe. Jackal ears, red eyes, half naked and muscular, a small dog tail… Damn, he looked good.

β€žAre you here to save me from that monster? I’m so scared~β€œ, he said in an almost playful manner while the man approached him and bent over to pick up one of the pastries on the ground.

β€žNah, I’m jusssst here to try these sssince everyone has been talking about them~ I’m sure you don’t mind.β€œ For a second Crasalur could swear that he saw the same burning in the eyes of that man like he did in the creature before, haunting and digging through his mind, but he shook off the fear and decided to eye the man a little more who was licking his fingers after he finished the little treat. 

Looked like there were more tasty things in this area besides pastries, what a lucky day.

β€žThisss is actually pretty good. I want moreβ€¦β€œ

The unknown entity slowly closed in onto the elf who fell back onto his butt and shuffled backwards, widening his eyes with each less step separating him from the other.

β€žU-uh… Help?β€œ

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