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Crasalur Mistriver #pd3752

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Character data
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Character Name
: Crasalur Mistriver
Name pronunciation: Kreh-sah-luur Mist-river
Character Age: 120
Character Height: 178 cm (5'10 ft) [5u+b]
Character Species: Half shadow elf/high elf
Hair color: Silver, dark gray
Eye color: Gold
Skin color: Light warm gray
Markings: Gold (Are marks for a secret army)
Attitude: Rational, bossy, arrogant, short tempered, playful, naughty, day dreamer
Default expression: Neutral expression with a mild frown
Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship: Single
Weapon: Bow with light/dark elemental arrows (artificial magic)
Abilities: Strong healing, weak damage
Class: Healer/Warlock
Pact partner: Ain
Full body reference: (Will be updated)
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NOTE: For any additional references or data, contact me!

- "Dare you question what the leader has to say?! This is unacceptable!"
- "Why~ Isn't this why you listen to what I say, rather than the pointless things you think~?"
- "He's doing that screaming and whining thing again, can you do something about it?"
- "What? Really?! That'll cure me?! That's fantastic!" (Some unbelievable things someone says)
- "I risk my life for this! I can't heal your butt all the time! Stop getting hurt, dammit!" (desperate)

  Background story (universal):  

Crasalur grew up in a difficult situation, born from a shadow elf father and high elf mother, he was once held dear, until the two realized that their son would put their name to shame as elves of status within a secluded community. Crasalur was incapable to cast any magic, regardless of their efforts. They did their best to rid of their son, removing the traces of his existence entirely, even going as far as to rob their child from his ability to reproduce. To avoid what they considered a curse to spread. To them, he is a disgrace to the family, but the child was too young to understand this.

The boy was abandoned in the wild, only to be picked up by a curious traveler and taken into safety. This man became his adoptive father, an half angelic human who revealed nothing but love for the child.

Until the child grew up and the man realized the same issue. This loving person would always leave during specific hours to meet people, Crasalur had never questioned these tendencies, until he grew even older.

His adoptive father had promised Crasalur that he may have a cure for his inability to cast magic, after countless attempts of excessive training that didn't seem to help at all. The young man was always exhausted after every attempt of exercise, utterly useless to the half celestial, who had far greater plans than the world is ready for.

Crasalur learned that his adoptive father was a part of an underground criminal group, after various of hints were found in the tasks of delivery he was assigned, as well as the many documents and materials he'd find in their home. Most were of illegal nature. And he was always curious why the man had preferred the boy not too stray too far from home, it became clearer with the coming years. He had planned to include him into an army of artificially empowered men.

This plan became public information, when the guards from the nearby capital stormed their home, and took most of the evidence with them, along with Crasalur's father. Leaving the young man behind when his execution took place. His father had left him a box, which was briefly delivered to him before the chaos took place. Within this box, there were a set of gloves, each with a special elemental shard attached. One, channeled to a light entity and empowers it with their healing grace, the other contained dark powers, which was not yet channeled to a dark entity, and therefor the charges are limited.

It took Crasalur many upcoming years of training to be able to somewhat use these shards for casting magic, by the use of his natural weak pulse. The elf was always trained to give his maximum output for training, and so he is incapable of regulating the strength. This causes him to immediately use up all or most of his mana with each cast. His healing artes are significantly higher than that of others, but he is likely to fall unconscious soon afterwards.

His only method to control this is when he conjures arrows with the same magic, which shape is slender and it enables him to regulate the input better than any other skill. When he casts magic, there is wild magic involved, and a healing spell could result in someone's death. Crasalur has been hesitant about healing until he met an eldritch entity during his travel, with which he made a pact. His name is Ain. With his help and internal influences, his magic flow is no longer interrupted. This very Eldritch entity, however, feeds on his lifespan. The more mana he uses that surpasses his own available numbers, is reduced each time that Ain feeds on him. Each time he feeds on him, Crasalur is out for a couple of days.

Regardless of the necissity to travel, Crasalur's endurance remains unchanged. He tends to collapse midway travels, and demands quite a lot of food. Battles fought for survival are no different. The elf is easily out of breath and his knees grow weak. Unlike his attitude. 


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