The Tales of Kassin Omaga: If I could Warn Myself, Would I listen?

Chapter 1: If I could Warn Myself, Would I listen?

Old Prompt 27 (CD)



β€œSo last thing Dad, this part asks me, if I can go back to my past self and give myself any advice, what would I say.” Tanya said as she shows her father her homework. β€œLike I am barely living long in this world, and they want me to really spend that long thinking about...Oh crap, forgot about the cookies baking.... Going to be back, when I do, can you tell me what you would tell your past self, dad?!” 


She run out of the room as Kassin chuckle then look over the paperwork...seem advance philosophy to him for High school. He set it down and stood up, looking out his office window in deep thought...his darker days. To his younger days. He was a monster, it was true. So, consume with proving that despite his Human mix blood, he was still part of the Clan. It was the FEAR that the clan inflict on the land that kept the hunter at bay. Until his brother betrays them. Betray him. They were both Mix blood, but his brother was cast out, befriending Human children, and he went off broken from the clan, only to become a hero...suddenly people stop fearing his Clan as unstoppable monster of horror, but just your typical monster to be slain. 


The clan fell into a hard time, and it did not take long for the clan to look to him for the blame as he had his brother's blood in him. In time they cast him out until he proves himself by either performing an act so evil, the Gods will mark the event, or he slain his Heroic brother. Seething with rage, he hunted His brother across the land, killing all who cross his path until in an ironic twist, his brother found him...Turn out one of the family he killed in his hunt for his brother was his close friend and he was mad at him for was more than mere mad...He was beyond anger. 


Turn out he was not the only Naga Clan who send folks to kill him and his once family clan sending his very brother was the straw that broke the camel back. Now he was strong, but his brother was stronger and soon, he fell dead to his brother strike...and for 8,000 years, he spent in the dept of hell, only to be told that his brother went on a genocide war, that nearly wipe out all Nagas on the planet. It is true, not all Nagas are evil and some even touch His brother's heart and help save him from a terrible fate. This event was known as the Naga War. 


Several Eons later and he will meet his brother again on a new world, now a galactic hero traveling with an friendly group of hero, even marry and had children known as the Naglarians since his wife seem to have a lot of kids at little joke that he surprise his brother allow being so serious at time. And while his brother is as distance as normal.... the two made up, water under the bridge as the human say. He was even able to help them craft a cure for some unknown ailment fashion by a villain of the group who was trying to weaken the race in order to absorb them into him...nasty business all that was. From a Monster to a much change.... all that hate and anger and, in the end, who was he trying to impress? A Clan of elder who hide behind fear as a mean to hide from truly strong adventurer who can kill them? 


He imagines standing before his past self, shouting at him, trying to tell him there is a better way! This is not the path that has to be! There is no shame in his mix blood, in fact, it what make him stronger, more powerful than the other Dark Naga, of the CLAN as a whole! See our brother Nagra! You hear his story; you know this is true! Embrace your Human heritage and harness the ability to adapt or you will Die as a nameless nobody just like We have already! 


No, he was not listening, why should he? The younger Kassin hiss in malice as he raises up high above him. β€œTake me a fool little mammal? I shall not listen to an Naga who take on Human skin and forsaken his Divine Naga self!” 


Arrogant, prideful and foolish.... cannot say he lost all of that, but he certainly cut back a lot of it from his younger days. β€œPiss this Divine Naga Crap! There more in this universe then even the gods and that of the Divine. You are nothing special to anyone! You have nothing to your name, and you are a fetch dog for the Clan, and only the chain of duty keeps you here begging for the abuse and the pitiful scraps they feel like dropping your way from time to time! BREAK the chain, and be free to claim your own clan, to be respected and Honor through deed of honor and Honest and not by fear and-urk!” 


The Younger Kassin stab him through the chest with his stinger and lift the Older Kassin up with a hiss. β€œSpeak Ill of the clan again and I shall eat you feet first...if you survive that is...” he tosses Kassin as he suddenly sees a flash of light and open his eyes to see the landscape out his office window...wait, that was.... ugh he feels silly. That felt so real he even stopped breathing when he was stabbed...his chest was hurting. 


He takes a seat and looks at the paper. He ponders what he would say. Guess for some, there nothing TO say...It would be nice to have a past He can proudly tell his child about, but those was darker time, and his clan was big on being Monster to keep Humans and Hunter in their place. To think about much of his youth was a waste. Now? He run an massive Business empire with his family. Honest goodness one too, not using magic or such, it all skill, though maybe a few corners cut with magic here and there, to save money and keep the magic casting sharp, do not want to have a miscasting due to lack of training in casting. 


The door opened and the smell of cookies came in before Tanya did as she smiled. β€œI have cookie! So, you thought of what you would say to past self?” she set the tray down and offer her father a cookie who take it with a smile. β€œThanks, and yeah I did.” Tanya looks curious as she takes her own cookie β€œOh, let hear it, I am all ears.” 


Kassin look at the cookie and chuckle. β€œI would tell my past self to, as you kids say it, β€˜Chillax my Bro’.” Tanya pauses then slowly took Kassin Cookie away and swallow her bite and sigh. β€œYou lost your Cookies privilege until you apologies for trying to sound Hip old man.” 

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