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Kassin Omaga #pd2630

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Date addedOct 19, 2023, 6:59:30 PM
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Character Full Name: Kassin Omaga

Character Age: currently appear to be 28

Character Species: (Half Human/Half Dark Naga)

Hair color: Black/Straight

Eye color: Red


Brief biography: While in Human form, he look to be 28, he far older, living over several Billion eons and witness the death of 3 worlds. While he started as an monster who was slain by his brother and lay in the Pits of Hell for over 8,000 Year, the rise of the Solar Pheonix signal the end of the gods world and so it was time for final judgment and one particular Goddess see fit to give Kassin an Redemption, allowing him to relived his memory as an resurected instead of an Reborn. In an new world, Kassin face with temptation to lord over the lesser creature as their master...but in time, it become, empty to him...soon he withdraw and the few whorshiper who follow him die down in obscurity as he seek an new way of living. He seek to create, to make, to build an time the world was filled with humans as he lead them with new idea of technology and revolution and more. he even took on Wives who bare him children due to his mix human blood heritage....even then it was not enough as when the star soon was dieing, they too begin crafting space travel to take to the stars...But Kassin did not follow, as he has live among them too long that folk question if he was human, so he move to another system, and another world where human was developing from colonization...there was no limit he could not over come with his dedication, new business empire. Despite his children reach the hundred, Kassin made sure to make time for each of them, giving them each the attention his clan did not grant him. Over time, Kassin set into his peaceful life, providing for the People, his family, his world...until an portal open up during an elevator ride down to the ground floor...momentary warping that left him stranged in the Paperverse


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