Diaries of Brave Storm: Filly Fears

Published Sep 14, 2022, 4:00:55 AM UTC | Last updated Dec 5, 2022, 6:59:55 AM | Total Chapters 5

Story Summary

A collection of diary entries written by Brave Storm throughout her life.

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Chapter 1: Filly Fears

October 27


Dear Diary

I’ve had nightmares for three nights now :’(

 I’m too scared to go to bed, so I’m going to stay up forever. I can’t have scary dreams if I don’t go to sleep. 

I’m going to have a nighttime tea party with Princess Twilight and Spike. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Love, Brave Storm ^.^



October 28


Dear Diary

Mommy caught me staying up past bedtime last night :(

She was mad at first, but I told her I was scared and she looked sad. She told me to start writing about my dreams and maybe that will help.


Love, Brave Storm :)

P.S. Princess Twilight liked my new tea recipe and Spike brought yummy cookies :D



October 29


Dear Diary

I had a nightmare and Mommy just woke me up and hugged me. I dreamt about a big bear from the Everfree Forest that was changed with Wild Magic. No matter how fast I moved my legs, I couldn’t run. Just when the bear was about to eat me, Mommy woke me up and I was screaming. I wish Princess Luna was still around. Maybe she could have helped me.


Love, Brave Storm 



October 30


Dear Diary

Tonight I met a bat pony. I was too scared to go to sleep again and I was looking out my window. She was really nice and she asked why I was still up when dayerrnel (that means I’m awake during the day :3c) ponies should be sleeping. I told her I was having bad dreams and she said she used to have bad dreams a lot, too. I asked her how she got them to go away and she told me she had a stuffed animal that she slept with that chased away her nightmares for her. She asked me if I had a stuffed animal that could fight the bad dreams and I told her no. She told me she would be back tomorrow night and flew away.


Love, Brave Storm :0



October 31


Dear Diary

The bat pony came back like she promised and she brought me a gift! It’s a plushie that looks just like Princess Luna. She said she hasn’t needed it since she was a filly and she wanted me to have her and to take care of her. She’s so nice! I’m going to go to sleep now and see if Princess Luna can help me. I’ll let you know.


Love, Brave Storm >:3



November 1


Dear Diary

It worked! Princess Luna came in my dreams and scared off the scary wasps that were in my nightmares. She gave me a hug with her wings and told me she would keep me safe. I fell asleep and I didn’t have any more nightmares for the rest of the night. Thank you, Bat Pony Lady!


Love, Brave Storm <3


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