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  • Cover for [TFE] March Event: Celebration of Friendship

    [TFE] March Event: Celebration of Friendship

    The School of Friendship has re-opened its doors and a grand opening celebration is underway!

    Last updated Mar 3, 2024
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for [TFE] November 2023 Event

    [TFE] November 2023 Event

    An unnatural cold is sweeping over Equestria as Rime is slowly reverting from his Famine Form in the Crystal Empire. Back in Ponyville, Mint Chip is attempting to get used to his new hybrid form as things get colder.

    Last updated Nov 10, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for The Ghost of the Woods

    The Ghost of the Woods

    Two ponies are going through the haunted woods on Nightmare Night.

    Last updated Oct 31, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Harvest Festival

    Harvest Festival

    Ponies enjoying themselves at the Harvest Festival.

    Last updated Sep 22, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Hauling Across Equestria and Beyond

    Hauling Across Equestria and Beyond

    Brave Storm's vocation stories as she works her way up the ranks of the Merchant's Guild.

    Last updated Aug 20, 2023
    Total Chapters 6
  • Cover for The Crystal Empire

    The Crystal Empire

    An infectious disease has been spreading in the Crystal Empire. 

    Last updated Aug 6, 2023
    Total Chapters 11
  • Cover for Trail Blaze's Nightmare

    Trail Blaze's Nightmare

    A snippet of trail blaze's nightmare that he endured during the battle for the crystal heart. 
    461 words total.

    Last updated Jul 13, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Wildfire Budding

    Wildfire Budding

    Raiders are attacking Ponyville! Petals throws off her act to please her parents and jumps into action!

    Last updated Jul 12, 2023
    Total Chapters 3
  • Cover for June 2023 Event

    June 2023 Event

    Upon travelling to the Crystal Empire, Equestrians have learned that Princess Flurry Heart has turned to crystal in an attempt to rejuvinate the crystal heart. A strange affliction has spread to those trying to cure Flurry Heart, causing the city to quarantine afflicted residents and districts.

    Last updated Jul 9, 2023
    Total Chapters 4
  • Cover for A Knight's Journey

    A Knight's Journey

    Brave Storm's stories as she reaches rank of Veteran Knight.

    Last updated Jul 4, 2023
    Total Chapters 5
  • Cover for Punch Your Feelings

    Punch Your Feelings

    Pas works through some feelings about Brave catching the mysterious illness in the Crystal Empire:

     Anger is easier than guilt. 

    Last updated Jun 14, 2023
    Total Chapters 2
  • Cover for That Tracks

    That Tracks

    Pas helps Brave Storm learn how to identify animal tracks.

    Last updated Jun 4, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for The Equestria Games

    The Equestria Games

    Summer Solo's stories about him enjoying and participating in the Equestria Games. 

    I wanted to experiment with publishing more, but shorter chapters. I think it'll allow me to ultimately get more content out.

    Last updated May 15, 2023
    Total Chapters 3
  • Cover for The Mystery of Rorim Lake

    The Mystery of Rorim Lake

    Star Atlas has finally returned after being gone for nearly a year. He invites Brave Storm to travel with him on his next adventure.

    Last updated Apr 26, 2023
    Total Chapters 3
  • Cover for Diaries of Brave Storm

    Diaries of Brave Storm

    A collection of diary entries written by Brave Storm throughout her life.

    Last updated Apr 9, 2023
    Total Chapters 7
  • Cover for Aiding the Injured

    Aiding the Injured

    The initial attack had left several creatures injured in Ponyville. Witching Hour and Harvest Moon are doing their best to help these creatures amid the raid. Harvest Moon poofs in with a rather stubborn patient.

    Last updated Mar 29, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Storm of Questions

    Storm of Questions

    for Tales From Equestria's March event

    Last updated Mar 28, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for The Roaring Storm

    The Roaring Storm

    An unnatural storm hits Equestria while Brave Storm is having a day out with friends.

    Last updated Mar 18, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Admitting Feelings

    Admitting Feelings

    Brave Storm works up the courage to tell Gold Standard about her crush on him.

    Last updated Mar 4, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for [TFE] March 2023 Event

    [TFE] March 2023 Event

    A vicious and sudden storm rages over Canterlot, plunging the region into darkness at noon. Lightning crashes and buildings are beginning to be ripped to shreds while Ponyville only hears the distant carnage, their own city wrapped in mysterious dark clouds. Suddenly raiders strike from the clouds, pillaging all they can get their hooves on while Canterlot is busy with the storm!

    Last updated Mar 2, 2023
    Total Chapters 1