Storm of Questions: Incoming

Published Mar 28, 2023, 1:23:14 AM UTC | Last updated Mar 28, 2023, 1:23:14 AM | Total Chapters 1

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for Tales From Equestria's March event

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Chapter 1: Incoming

The door was cracked. Waving candle light could be seen dancing with shadows. The occasional sound of paper being moved, flipped, signaled someone was in there. Awake. Active. But it was cracked. That meant it was open enough.

A quick knock and he broke into the room with a tension-easing creak. Fevris, eyes unusually lively, stared at the desk, and its occupant, ahead.

“Hey, Snooty.”

The magic aura surrounding a decorated horn fizzled before shining bright again, the pages of a heavy book closing with the fluctuation. “Yes, dear." The sigh could not be held from his voice.

He had already broken one rule. Better for the both of them not to break anymore.. He leaned against the doorway for support, keeping his hooves technically outside the others' space. “Did you pick up Florian from his writing lesson?”

Praxis didn’t bother to spare a glance. “The tea hasn’t yet had time to brew since his departure.”



A far roll of thunder marks the seconds by.

“..Are you sure it just.. hasn’t gone cold?"

"I do not let drinks go cold, Professor. One would know that if liquid poison didn't fill your insides." 

A jab from almost nowhere. Fevris scoffed, stamping a front hoof. “It’s an ongoing, perfectfully healthy experiment, not poison. Combining the most energy-packed resources we have available and creating something relatively digestible shouldn’t be compared to-“


The candles surrounding the room burned brighter as the pink haired unicorn stood and turned. The glasses resting on his muzzle made the glare peering through them harsher.


"What is the reason for your questioning? Minimal noise is all I request from you at this hour, and instead you choose to pester me. Have your ‘experiments’ evaporated and fogged your mind?"


“Your hour is up. It's dark outside, and the kid isn’t home!”


Praxis’ mouth shut. He was taken aback.


At the moment when the sun is highest? It couldn’t be.

The shaking ground echoed his disbelief.


“I just personally sent him off. You’re mistaken if you believe enough time has passed to bring the moon out.”


“Look for what you will not find - there’s nothing to be seen out there. Seriously, nothing!”


Red eyes had no time to adjust to every candle being magically snuffed. The rest of Fevris’ body did instead, stepping back to make way. Praxis strode through, nearly unseen in the dim light. A few lamps scattered through the kitchen and living space were on, proving to be the only lightsource granted to the small home. As if windows had been replaced by walls.


There was no sun, nearly halfway through the day.

There was no moon to take its place.

There were no stars to guide them.


 "A storm this heavy has moved so quickly..? They were mere clouds in the distance when I had returned.." He peered out. Blackness greeted him, the vaguest shapes overhead confirming there was at least something there denying their day. Was this an extremely rare phenomenon he hadn’t yet studied? Perhaps if he wasn’t interrupted, he could’ve found its page with time. But it didn’t feel to be so easily explained. There was a palpable weight in the air. Something was off.


An uncomfortable shuffle. “I fear there is something horribly wrong.”

A relieved sigh. "Oh, so you think so, too.”


A blinding flash struck too near. Another rumble shook the house, teetering the lighter furniture with it. Yet this one didn’t seem to end. The two shared a nervous glance. It rang on even as Praxis huffed, pushing through wood and wind to leave the house entirely. A half-heard protest came from behind before ears were pinned back, and not by choice. Ribbons and jewelry audibly wished to leave their wearer, whipping around and tangling with each other. He had to curl his long tail close to make it harder for such things to be torn off. The clouds released weight they held before he reached the protective gate. A drop, two, and then a waterfall. Had hair not been tied back, it certainly would have been impossible to see anything. Though, there wasn't much to see through the darkened rain. A shield conjured too late left him dripping, but mostly protected for the moment.


Without the stone wall to place himself behind, he might not be able to stand. All around, things were being picked up and thrown with the raging storm. Houses and businesses alike were slowly torn apart. Their old cabin was sure to take damage as well, and they could fix it if this all ended. Finally move out if able, as he's always wanted. But.. was his mother okay? Did the storm stretch the entirety of Canterlot? Maybe it didn't, and she was unaffected. Remembering the large windows that stretched entire walls caused breath to stop. They could so easily crack, shatter, and coat the room. Hopefully the home he spent his youth in was free of harm, as were the few remaining ponies inside. There were still books and trinkets he cared for in there - it'd be heartbreaking to know they were damaged. Even worse to hear someone could be injured.

The damage.. it was getting worse the further he looked on. Maybe he should teleport to the school, but would it be safer there? 

...Where was his son? He was just sent to schooling, and it was a fact that building was less in size and foritification. It was a tutor's private residence, afterall. Was Florian safe at all!? More fuel was poured into the withstanding shield. To run through the eye, or teleport there instead..

A pale green orb floated in front of the nervous thinker, bursting into sparks at its recognition-




The magic-fueled message snapped him out, shield-spell vanishing at the surprise. Sputtering, annoyed, he turned and raced back towards the rattling door, barely held by a shaking Fevris. He shouldn't go out into the streets. He could guarantee at least one other pony was okay through it all, and the sickly one who yelled from the house needed his focus most right now. Praxis shook his head to no one but himself as he carefully took off soaked ribbons. Florian shares one alike around their own neck..


Please let my boy be okay.


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