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Paliskobengar #pd724

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Name: Paliskobengar, goes by "Paiko"

Age: 17 

Race: dimensional half-drakon

Gender: male

Height: 4'5" or 135 cm
(top of head, not counting ears, which add roughly a foot)

Birthday: November 3rd


  • Vibration Detection: [Passive] [Sensing]
    Long before Paiko discovered his latent element, he was already able to operate and navigate without light, without sight. His sense of hearing is extraordinary, finely tuned in near-silent settings. (In loud places, he can "turn down" his sensitivity to avoid being sent into auditory shock by all the noise.) 

    Similar to his sonic vibration sense, he has a seismic one, resulting from an enhanced sense of touch through his Earth element. As long as an object or opponent is connected to the ground (or some other solid, grounded object), he can tell exactly where they are. 
  • Aura Profiling: [Active] [Sensing]
    Paiko has the ability to detect the magical/dimensional presence of individuals. Stemming from an innate instinct shoved far down and locked up, he can still use traces of this power to pick out those who do not belong in a particular reality or world, and glean information about the element, type, and strength of their magic abilities.
  • Mineralize: [Active] [Offensive] [Defensive]
    Yet another perk of his Earth element, though something he does not use very often, and is consequently unskilled at it. Given mineral earth (sand, dirt, stone, etc.), he can harden it into shiny crystalline materials. Theoretically, he could make the shards into sharp weapons, or make himself a shield/armor... it's a work in progress.
  • Dimensional Havoc: [Active] [Offensive]
    A reality-wrecking catastrophe that thankfully happens about as frequently as a Pluto-Neptune crossover... which is to say, not very frequently. Though the fact that it DOES happen might be a subject of concern.

Strength: 6

Agility: 8

Speed: 5

Tactics: 2

Magic: 4

Skill: 3

Total: 28

Uncomfortable subject matter: No spicy shipping or graphic descriptions/depictions. Combat wounds/injuries are fine (he has a couple himself). Pretend as if I am not 18 yet ^-^ Paiko belongs to a clean universe.

Bio: See his character sheet for a more detailed history!

Known as Paiko to many of his acquaintances, this dimensional half-drakon is a slippery, elusive, yet innocently charming creature with a penchant for finding good hiding spots and an eye for shiny things.

He may look unimpressive in size and physical strength, but it would be unwise to underestimate his abilities. During the repeated days spent running, hiding, fighting in his old timeloop, he developed incredible agility and reflexes.

Paiko can scale spires and obstacles with confidence and ease, and can operate solely using his sense of hearing and touch just as well as he can with his eyes open. And for his small stature and lightweight frame, he has a somewhat unexpected amount of strength and endurance packed inside him.

When it comes to his skill with his Earth element, he's far better at using it to detect and navigate, than to actually construct anything with mineral earth. At best, he can quickly gather minerals to make a rocky protective armor. In most cases though, he'll probably just throw up a shield real quick before running away. 

He might fare better if he formed some sort of strategy, but when thrown into a whirlwind surprise situation, all plans go out the window, and he'll act on instinct. That instinct, 99 times out of 100, is to skedaddle. On the off chance it lands on the other instinct... well, that bridge can be crossed when we get there.

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