[Battle Triocast] - Faceplant

Posted Mar 24, 2024, 7:15:17 PM UTC

4. Befriend. The creature doesn’t appear to be malicious… just big. Maybe it can be reasoned with? Draw or write your character attempting to befriend the Trash Monster.


Paiko and Bleu were testing out a theory. If the little mousefolk bard could heal with her music, maybe that would help the big trash beast. After all, it didn't seem malicious. Helping it might be more effective in making it go away than hurting it. Blue pulled out her instrument and started to serenade the swamp creature while Paiko hummed along --

They didn't expect to see such immediate results. Some poor guy in a disheveled, dirty business suit hit the muck in front of them with a muddy shplop.

"Wh--!! Someone fell down from there, Bleu, look-"

-looks up at the trash monster- "So the song of healing does work?"

"Are you okay, mister?"

"Aughhh... I'll survive..."

"Did you see other people up there?"

"Huh? Other people?"

"That the swamp thing absorbed?" -points to his ears- "All the screaming are the voices of people. I can hear it."

"I didn't see anyone else..." -granted, his eyes were probably closed most of the time up there-

"Hm. Well even if the Trash Monster is not affected by Song of Healing, you look like you could use it! Ahem..." -starts up a new tune- 

Mystery yet unsolved, then. 


Thank you to agentrite (Agent Red) and Bordayus (Bleu Theta) for your characters! ^v^

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  • Mar 25, 2024, 5:33:01 AM UTC
    CUUUUTEE!! HAHAHA I love how they disarmed the swamp monster! Wow Paiko and Bleu look like an awesome music duo!

    ...While Red... looks about as usual XD

    He looks awesome in your style!
    • Mar 26, 2024, 1:12:47 AM UTC
      Thank you! ^v^ I promise at some point I'll draw a nice scene where nothing bad is happening to Red, I think he deserves it after all this XD
  • Mar 25, 2024, 1:20:36 AM UTC
    This is so cute! <3 Great work - this is just so much fun to look at and take in all the details!!
    • Mar 26, 2024, 1:07:43 AM UTC
      Aw thank you! Somewhere along the way I forgot how I usually did color layers, it's been a bit since I've done tradigital haha
  • Mar 24, 2024, 11:39:00 PM UTC
    Paiko Bleu you did your best ^u^" Poor Agent Red that had to have hurt

    I cant get over how adorable Bleu is just sitting there looking up all confused while Paikos concerned over Agent Red Giggle
    • Mar 26, 2024, 1:05:48 AM UTC
      Hehe even if their show didn't bring the house down, it brought someone down (I'm sure Red has some measure of indestructibility, I mean he's made it this far even with his "unlucky" streak >w<Wink
      • Mar 26, 2024, 5:18:44 AM UTC
        pfffff- yeah Giggle gl Red with your "unlucky" streak may you not end up with many broken bones XD
  • Mar 24, 2024, 9:57:20 PM UTC
    Every one here is going to need a nice shower. 🤣
    • Mar 26, 2024, 1:04:18 AM UTC
      Send 'em all to Ronin's cave afterwards for a good cleanup ^v^

      Paiko: "But there's so much... water... there..."
      • Mar 26, 2024, 1:11:16 AM UTC
        Pfft. Ronin's probably going to blow a gasket if he finds them in his grotto since they smell so bad. Lol