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Posted May 10, 2024, 4:40:53 AM UTC

4. A Short-Sighted Mermaid. It turns out Laguna thought you were her brother. To be fair, anyone kind of looks like Ronin to her from a distance… and it’s hard to keep glasses on underwater. In fact, she lost them recently. Draw or write your character helping Laguna with her vision problems. Do they help her find her glasses? Help her make new eyewear?


Telerand and Antal team up to craft a pair of sea-worthy spectacles. Crystals from Lyra might've been better suited for Laguna, especially being Aurora-aligned, but Pavia was much closer and readily accessible. The lightning-glass fulgurite was easy to collect, and magic resonance didn't matter if you had a knowledge of light and optics, right?

Additionally, he fashionable, embroidered strap would reduce the chances of the mermaid accidentally misplacing them (or having a curious parrotfish make off with the shiny).


Antal belongs to MistressM00n! Hope you don't mind me yoinking him (it's been overdue haha) ^-^


Will update sketch later with a colored version. Probably in a few months.

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  • May 28, 2024, 1:55:22 AM UTC
    Haha no worries. He looks adorable in your style. I love your sketchy style.



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