[Kahari] - Got Your Back

Posted Mar 30, 2024, 9:17:54 PM UTC

Prompt #4 - Portal Posi

Posi is an elderly lavender Thath woman who singlehandedly accounts for snakes incorrectly being considered ‘slippery.’ It’s unlikely you’ll ever find her– but she’ll find you. Posi is enthralled with portals, and her shenanigans are better known than all of Kahari put together. She’s caused more than a few issues for the guilds and various planets with her dabbling in portal magic. Her lab is said to be protected by spine-like robots with portals for heads, but nobody has shown any proof. Portal Posi is said to collect talismans for her research– if you happen to have extras you may attract her attention. Show your character encountering Portal Posi or their journey fulfilling Portal Posi’s quest for talismans– or snatching back talismans that she’s acquired against the owner’s wishes. Your piece must include your character and either Portal Posi or a scene during the quest.


During his exploration of Kahari, the luminescent world of moonstone, Scap had managed to lose his talisman. He should've known better than to let this curious snake lady 'take a simple look' at his jump beads, though he certainly hadn't expected her to take off with such speed and abruptness.

Turns out, Posi already had a streak as a troublemaker around the Paperverse. Fortunately, her lab was located nearby, recently abandoned after her defeat.

Oh, there were still some spine robots guarding the place? Good thing he brought some back-up too. One bone-brunching Dee-stroyer, one bone-manipulating wielder of many skeleton Hands... huh, considering Scap's past alignment with bone-based beings, he might've been in more danger from his teammates than the spinal sentries.

(But that's what a team is for! They all got each other's backs.)

Ignoring the fact that he was almost completely useless in taking down any of the robots, the three of them made it through to the heart of the lab. His talisman was there. And so were rows upon rows of shelves containing many more.


"Goodness, she was busy," Dee muttered, discreetly picking bits of wire and plastic out of his teeth.

Scap pocketed his own talisman, then swept his gaze up and down the rest. "If we bring them back to the Guild, maybe they can be returned to their owners. But how would we carry them all...?"

The masked taur strummed its pale lyre, and dozens of skeletal hands clattered together from the remains of the spine robots, waving helpfully.

"That's... handy."


Thank you to seepran (Hands) and UnlikelyValentine (Dee) for accompanying Scap on his little retrieval escapade! ^v^

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  • Apr 5, 2024, 9:50:45 PM UTC
    Ahhh the three of them look so coool!! :0
    • Apr 8, 2024, 4:01:06 PM UTC
      I want to say that they probably didn't plan on looking cool XD

      But I suppose in the chaos of the moment with spine robots and skeletal hands swirling around, anything looks epic (even Scap tripping backwards over his own feet)
      • Apr 8, 2024, 9:48:23 PM UTC
        Of course the coolest people never plan on looking cool B)

        Only Scap can make tripping look cool Giggle
  • Mar 31, 2024, 2:45:47 AM UTC
    THAT"S SO FUN! And that's Hands! I love hands so much!
    • Mar 31, 2024, 8:07:19 PM UTC
      Yes! Hands! The handiest of them all. I remember you drew them for that druid party Big Smile

      When Scap asked for a hand to help out with his quest, he got a surplus abundance >w<
  • Mar 31, 2024, 1:04:47 AM UTC
    AHHH i love this so much. thank you for drawing Hands ;u; ♥
    • Mar 31, 2024, 8:05:16 PM UTC
      Honestly at first I was like "oh, just a couple extra limbs, I think I got this--"

      Then I looked at the ref and there were like. Four more than I thought there were XD

      But hey, the more the merrier, it was a lot of fun drawing them! (And reading those bits of lore mmmmm) ^v^



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