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Scapindex #pd1073

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Name: Scapindex

Nicknames: Scap, Masked Kid, Smoothie Kid

Age: 16. Or maybe 17. Did his birthday pass already...?

Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him

Species: appears human. It's complicated. Technical term is Allaxean (dimensional being-type thing)

Hair color: white with areas of dark teal-gray

Eye color: sectoral heterochromia (desaturated teal/yellow) separated by a line of bright blue. Glows blue in the dark or from the mask.

Height: 5'3" or 160 cm


  • check back here later, after I figure out his latent element stuffs ;)

Strength: 3/10

Agility: 5/10

Speed: 4/10

Tactics: 6/10

Magic: 5/10

Skill: 6/10

Total: 29

Uncomfortable subject matter: No spicy shipping or graphic descriptions/depictions. Injuries and combat wounds are okay.

Bio: See his character sheet for a more detailed history!

"My name? I dunno. But people call me Scapindex, and that's good enough for me. Yes, I do have a face. I didn't always wear a mask..."

This mysterious, masked musketeer seems to have appeared in the Paperverse following the brief disappearance of Paiko after the Elemental OCL. He claims to know the drakon. Far, far better than anyone else does. And he insists that the drakon must not know about his existence.

He's been called "Masked Kid", "Smoothie Kid", just "Kid" or "Boy" or "Squatter" (okay, so most of these are from one particular grumpy golden dog man). But to most others, he introduces himself as "Scap".

Though given freedom to adventure in the outside realities, he still works part-time for Katanorias, collecting information and exploring the possibilities of creating specific portals to certain layers and dimensions. And get some fresh air, while he's at it.

His latent Sky element has allowed him to merge wind current manipulation with space-bending skills he had learned in the lab, allowing him to pull at the Deep Currents in the layer behind normal reality and become, essentially, one with the wind.

With a nearly inextinguishable life-force and an invulnerability to most physical and environmental damage, he will always get up again after failing, after falling. Achey bones and clumsy steps won't stop him, and what he may lack in coordination and physical power, he more than makes up for in strategy and perserverance.

Paradoxically, he always pays of his debts and returns any favors he owes, yet always seeks the position of assisting others. This almost desperate drive to be useful, busy doing something... perhaps it is his way of coping with a nightmare from his past?

  • 118
    Ability Points
  • 2
  • Indomitable Talisman Ability

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