Tome of Istornim: Biweekly - Being Framed

Published Feb 29, 2024, 3:27:23 PM UTC | Last updated Feb 29, 2024, 3:27:23 PM | Total Chapters 5

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CHARACTER: Istornim Baenrat'tar
GENERAL CONTENT & WARNINGS: Medieval Fantasy, Angst, Adventure, Blood, Violence, Combat, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Stories about a very charming Executioner who knows his way around people. He serves his city with pride and finds himself in all sorts of different situations due to his pretty special occupation...

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Chapter 1: Biweekly - Being Framed

#103 Your character is in jail. What crime have they been accused of? Did they do it?


With a loud thud the dark elf found himself hitting the cold floor of a jail cell which he usually got to see from the other side. β€žYou’re making a big mistake! None of what you say has been my doing, I never saw that woman before and I wouldn’t dare to harm innocent people!β€œ His usually calm and collected demeanor did slightly shift, showing clear anger for being treated this way.


He was an executioner, one who loved his job and did everything to keep this city safe. To protect its citizens from danger by getting rid of every person that threatened to ruin its peace.

Why were these fools so blind and instead listened to a random person who accused him, Istornim, of having attacked and potentially raped a woman?

As if he had to go through such lengths and do such things. As charming as he was, he knew that about himself quite well, he could end up with anyone he’d want to but that aside, he’d never ever hurt someone innocent.


β€žThere is nothing we can do for now, sir, my apologies. Please just stay here until we can resolve the situation.β€œ There was a burning emotion in his eyes, disgust and hatred for being locked up, a feeling he didn’t like at all, while he watched the two guards heading up the stairs and leaving him behind with other screaming criminals. Istornim could at least be happy about being locked in a single cell instead of having to share it with others…


With a sigh he sat down on a small wooden bench and decided to just wait. It’s not like he could do any more right now besides pondering over who could have brought this upon him…


Hours passed… Almost one day got lost.


That was when a familiar face headed down the stairs and approached the jail bars with a serious expression. β€žIstornim… My apologies for having you locked up like this.β€œ Immediately the dark elf got up from the bench and approached the bars to face the other. β€žI do hope there is an explanation. I didn’t do anything and you of all people, as my colleague, should be aware of that.β€œ Of course both of them were aware of them being more than colleagues but that didn’t belong here.


Istornim crossed his arms and waited for an upcoming explanation. β€žYou are accused of harassing and laying into a female citizen. Eyewitnesses saw what happened and reported your wrondoings.β€œ He narrowed his eyes while listening to the verdict and was about to open his mouth when Viiris continued to speak. β€žUpon thorough research from my side, I managed to find out that none of it holds truth. You were framed by a small group of bandits, leftovers of those who you executed recently… Scumβ€¦β€œ The last word was uttered through his breath, barely audible but filled with disgust and harted. It visibly hurt him to see Istornim in a position like that.


β€žThey are taken care of. I hereby declare you innocent and am allowed to release you from this cell. Proper compensation awaits you within the next days. Please accept my sincere apologies.β€œ A rattling of keys echoed through the halls of the jail when Viiris unlocked the door and opened it for the dark elf to step through.


β€žI do hope that such a situation doesn’t occur again. It hurts my pride and image and I demand a proper statement towards the citizens. I also demand to punish the perpetrators.β€œ Istornim left no room to discuss in his words and Viiris knew that pretty well.


β€žI will relay your demand to the council.β€œ His gaze is filled with longing but Istornim doesn’t react to it, at least not now. β€žPlease do so. Thank you for your hard work… May I invite you over for dinner to show my gratitude?β€œ


Viiris slowly nodded with a huff and turned his back towards the other to hide a faint blush.


β€žYes… Once I finished my paperwork.β€œ


With that settled, Istornim walked up the stairs. His mind already being filled with sweet ideas how to exact revenge...

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  • Feb 5, 2024, 12:34:30 PM UTC
    ... This is super well done, I adore it! ... You told me that you were afraid of ruining Viiris' part in it all, but you wrote him perfectly as you did. Thanks a lot for writing this! ...
    • Feb 5, 2024, 7:36:43 PM UTC
      Viiris is just so special that I quickly get worried to not be able to copy his way of expressing himself properly. Thankfully you say that I still managed to do it though Heart You're most welcome!
      • Feb 7, 2024, 10:46:00 PM UTC
        I don't know how he's special, but you did very well! So, not need to fear anything! I'm very excited about it ... Hnf.