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  • Cover for X-men: Revival

    X-men: Revival

    The world, as ever was divided, is coming to a head once more, after a long dwindle in the age of mutants, from the minds of those who still remember their numbers and their existence among humans. However, seemingly in a flash, suddenly there's been rampant reappearances of the ones of old, with no memory of the occurrence in the years since their disappearances. It has been decades. It is as if those who were once gone have been restored and even those who were not involved, suspect nothing, despite the changed, evolved world around them. It is as if time and memory have been manipulated. But by who and why?
    out blinding her as the area changed.

    Last updated May 6, 2023
    Total Chapters 9
  • Cover for Songs of Reamere - Hurik's Entry

    Songs of Reamere - Hurik's Entry

    Hurik's written entries for the Songs of Reamere 2022 event in DracoStryx.

    Last updated Apr 29, 2022
    Total Chapters 3