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  • Cover for Tome of Istornim

    Tome of Istornim

    CHARACTER: Istornim Baenrat'tar
    GENERAL CONTENT & WARNINGS: Medieval Fantasy, Angst, Adventure, Blood, Violence, Combat, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

    Stories about a very charming Executioner who knows his way around people. He serves his city with pride and finds himself in all sorts of different situations due to his pretty special occupation...

    Last updated Feb 29, 2024
    Total Chapters 5
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  • Cover for Songs of Reamere - Hurik's Entry

    Songs of Reamere - Hurik's Entry

    Hurik's written entries for the Songs of Reamere 2022 event in DracoStryx.

    Last updated Apr 29, 2022
    Total Chapters 3