Encounters with Hostiles: A Shadow on the Avandard Guild Ship

Published Sep 16, 2023, 7:14:54 PM UTC | Last updated Sep 16, 2023, 7:14:54 PM | Total Chapters 3

Story Summary

The worlds of the Paperverse seem safer than Rogtuk's homeworld. But that doesn't mean Rogtuk never needs to fight.

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Chapter 1: A Shadow on the Avandard Guild Ship

Prompt 1- Wasn’t this guy defeated already?


Word Count: 388



Rogtuk swats a hand down at Azkol, who suddenly began growling at one of the passengers aboard the Avangard Guildship. He was allowed to bring his wolf onboard to mingle with others, but only if it behaved. Ginger and Seifer, who sat across from the orc sipping on beverages of their choice looked to his wolf with concern.

“Something’s up.” Seifer frowned while looking at Azkol. The wolf’s ears were pinned back and his tail was tucked between his legs. 

“Spicy doesn’t seem happy either.” Ginger held her wasp in her hands, trying to comfort it as it began to buzz erratically, flexing its abdomen. While it seemed like it’s motions were random, they were generally in the same direction as Azkol’s growls.

Rogtuk tilted back his back, letting the rest of his drink run down his throat. Without saying anything to Ginger and Seifer, he sat up. He clicked his tongue for Azkol to follow, and despite the wolf’s fear- it followed obediently. The orc was surprised when he heard Ginger and Seifer following suit to investigate with him.

It wasn’t long until Rogtuk caught the coattails of a fancy suit turning the corner. Azkol bark-growled, making his mark known to the orc. The trio- or quad squad if you counted their animals- bolted after them. As they turn the corner, they see a well-dressed black haired man with a paper demon bent over his lap. Blood dripped down the man’s mouth and the offending puncture marks were obvious on the demon.

Azkol snarled, alerting the blood-demon to the group’s presence. He hissed and disappeared in a cloud of darkness, leaving behind only the victim of his blood-feast. 

“Wasn’t he defeated already?” Seifer’s tone was hard to decipher- some mix of fear, annoyance, and anger. 

“He?” Ginger asked. Like Rogtuk, she hadn’t had much time to learn about the events of the Paperverse before her arrival. Ginger, perhaps, because she wanted to make her own adventures. Rogtuk, because the guild found it best to slowly distill information to the man whose world was set in a prehistoric era.

“The Vogue Vampire.” Seifer hissed. He turned and began stomping away. “Undead, blood sucking scum. We need to tell someone. Now! Before this gets out of hand.”

Ginger and Rogtuk exchanged a look before following after the agitated human.


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