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Luis Defou #pd690

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Luis Defou

Character Age: 24

Sex: Male

Character Species: Dogfolk (Golden Retriever)

Hair: Best described as a natural blonde balayage. A short, warm-toned overcoat gives way to a cascading titanium blond underlayer.

Eye color: Red, similar to dried blood.

Abilities: A dog's smell and hearing. Tracking, and marksmanship. Resonance. Verbal assault and analysis.

Height: 5'6"


Armor Reference

Full Body Reference

Boot Reference



TOTAL: 24 Points

Strength: 5/10

As both an Earth-user and a canine, Luis is given natural strength without training nor diet. Additionally, Luis takes on menial tasks of all kinds, leading to further developement, similar to a farmer's build. 

Agility: 1/10

Luis has had no combat training whatsoever, and therefore clumsy on his feet. Easy to outmaneuver.

Speed: 2/10

Although dogs are naturally fast, Luis refuses to go faster than a jog, even in emergency situations. He does, however, have remarkable endurance, both from his Hunting Breed and previous occupation.

Tactics: 8/10

By many circles, Luis is considered somewhat of a genius. Afterall, Luis prizes his intellect above everything, honing it obsessively through occupation and dedicated practice. He takes immense satisfaction in knowing, strategizing, and sometimes testing how to destroy a person, through trap or verbal assaulr. Especially human. It's quite edifying. He will formulate a plan and enact it just as readily. Preparation is key.

Magic: 1/10

Because he is self-taught, Luis only has passive, instinctually-guided magic. Nothing usable in combat, only the barest of detection (but that's what his nose is for).

Skill: 7/10

Luis is a problem solver. He is exceptionally gifted at engineering. Give him enough time, and he will work tirelessly to create most any device. Because he prizes safety, everything he creates will be relatively idiot-proof. To problems, while he may seem dependent on modern technology, Luis can jury-rig a usable solution within minutes. Time is the enemy. 


Nonmagical Capabilities:

  1. Tracking. Luis has extensive knowledge of hunting and moving through treacherous terrain. Whether he admits to it or not, Luis is a Hunting Breed, and that comes with advantages, learned and inherent. 

  2. Trap-setting. Consider facing Jigsaw from the Saw Franchise. Luis' only goal is to get his opponent into his domain, not venture into theirs. All his traps are mechanical in nature, using springs, wires, and hydraulics. Lots of hydraulics. 

Magical Capabilities:

  1. Echolocation and Resonance with the Earth. Luis is akin to a tuning fork. He can resonate to earth-aligned objects, and emit a frequency/vibration to match, using his palms.

    As a result, Luis can always hear the earth or man-made constructions sing. Without focusing, it sounds a little like tinnitus. When he does focus, it became a melody... except that any insynchronicities creates a tone-deaf intruder, or an out-of-tune instrument. 

    With enough practice, the results could be breathtaking. On the low end, he could shatter glass, or create intricate geometric patterns to the entent that the earth is homeogenous. On the high end, he can match the frequency of enormous superstructures, and collapse them. Theoretically, he could even levitate objects between his palms.... if he ever got the hang of it. 

  2. Luis cannot take fall damage. It's physically impossble for him, though it does exhaust him, often to the point of unconsiousness. The space bends around him, except when it bends time as well (with enough height and pressue). His body punctures open wormholes and thus, 'portals.'

  3. Luis can communicate to and through the earth. He can detect and track asynchronicities, whether it be man-made construction or structural variabilities in the natural stone. He can also leave them behind in the form of language. He calls this language, Tremors. He hopes to be able to share this ability with other Earth Latents.


Loves: What a dog loves: A good scratch. A good chewtoy. A game of fetch. Arrogance and strength of will. Philosophy and moral discussion. Innocence. Humanity.

Hates: Spinelessness of character. Incompetance. Superiority. Those that call or treat him like a dog. Dogs. Humans.

Fears: The supernatural. Anything that makes him feel powerless or useless. If legitamately afraid and backed into a corner, Luis will attempt to maul the offending party, much to his ideological self-destruction.


Strengths: Brilliant. A Natural Leader: Self-Confident, Brave, Headstrong, Resilient. Commanding Respect.

Flaws: Self-isolating. Rash, Quick to anger, Alcoholism, Cynicism, Arrogance, Controlling, Self-Righteous, Stubborn, often to the point of self-destruction. Megalomania. Hypocrisy. Susceptible to dog-like behavior (thrown balls, petting, chewing, mauling.)


Uncomfortable subject matter: None! Go wild! 

Brief Biography:


Luis Dafou... is not a dog. No, he isn't. No, everyone in the guild calls him a good person, a good MAN, even! That's right, Luis is a man. He is an inventor, an engineer, a conquerer, etc etc ad nauseam... a philosopher even! The Renaissance Man.


When he discovered he had Earth magic, Luis knew his moment had arrived. He would take fate by the horns, and face the on-coming bullrush. In Avangard, he made himself Chief Engineer of the Albatross. In Aridin, he survived being stranded the jungle for 127 days. In Castimere, he learned the language of light and color. He helped solve the Deca Drain issue. He fought and won every round in the Elemental League, goddammit! By Man, he'll do it all over again.


Today, Luis, is a mechanical engineer by trade, Rank Four Adventurer by title. He has worked on the hydraulic engines of great airships of Avangard, to the bizarre light and color engines of Castermeria. He continues to take requests of that nature, big and small, magical and non-magical technology alike. Using his past experience and occupations to guild him, he continues to uphold safety and idiot-proofing as his primary tenent. 


His bastard of a father was many things, but he taught him the importance of respect and solidarity. Luis has made many friends, and many adversairies. The adversaries, admittedly, make more interesting company. In his free time, Luis likes to go down to the local pub, or back to the Aridin Guild Hall to converse, drink, or debate his fellow Adventurers.


He's even beginning to be feel like a goddamn hero.

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    Ability Points
  • 4
  • Lucky Talisman Ability


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