Hi, I'm Ford.

You might know me from my #DownTheWellSeries, and that should tell you everything you need to know: I love collaborations. I love drawing other peoples' characters. I love mega projects. My current record is 23 OCs in a single artwork. If you ever want to team up, DM me either here or the discord!

I'm a digital artist, primarily. I use a Wacom One for all of my projects. I use Krita (but my true love will always be Photoshop.) I use Blender (but my true love will always be Maya). Woe is thy education, which hath spoilt me of thy free devices. 


I'm also a moderator for the Paperdemon Discord and for the Forums here.

Commissions: [Open]: $25 for lineart, $50 for full color. Contact me on Discord (fordandra#9128)

Trades: [Open]

Collaborations: [YES PLEASE] 

Requests: [Open]

Roleplay: [Open]

Gifts for Me: [Art and literature welcome]

Characters for Sale/Trade: [Open]


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