Currently just finished 2 and campaigns, wish me luck on the third. 🙌🙌

Commission: I don't do them

Trades: Nope :3

Collabs: As long as you can put up my 0 iq, sure!

Requests: Yes please!

Role Play: Always!

Gifts: Sure!

Characters for sale/trade: Never

Hi! Online I go by my fursona's name, Bananashake.

I try to be friendly and joking most of the time, so never take stuff I say too serious about my character's lore. :)

I try to use emojis a lot since I'm bad at depicting emotion through just text.

If any of you want to know the 23-page lore I have of my multiverse please ask! I love talking about my ocs :3

I use any pronouns but he/they are recommended.

Will Wood and Lemon Demon fan 👹👹👹

See ya around :D

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